Ideas for Yummy Combinations?


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Hi everyone

I've been doing this LL lark a while now and have been pretty much a purist when it comes to having my foodpacks - by which I mean I mix them with water add a shot of tabasco and pepper to the hot soups and thats it - or ice and water make a smoothie from the shakes, or a hot shake.

Just recently, probably as I'm bored with the flavours - I've wanted to try a few combinations. Nothing adventurous but I sometimes put a tespoon of coffee in a hot vanilla shake - lovely latte type thing.

AND TONIGHT - I made a cold vanilla shake with loads of ice and half a teaspoon of fruits of the forest water favourings. IT WAS SO YUMMYYYYYYYYY:D :D :D :) :) :) - almost like a berry smoothy.

Anyone else got any great combinations they can share???

Joolz xxx
My favourite through the summer was "coffee ice cream" - lots of ice a vanilla pack and a teaspoon of coffee blended.

I also combined a chicken and mushroom soup for the first time this week which was ok.
Summer berry in chocolate shake tastes a little like black cherry gateau (good imagination!!)
Mixing half packs together can see some wonderful combinations - banana and butterscotch = banofie. Peppermint tea with choc makes choc mint for those on LL - or extra minty if on CD and choc mint pack used.
Summer berry added to strawberry and fruits of forest shake adds extra "depth".
Etc etc etc!!!
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Mix Chocoalte and Raspberry, it`s gorgeous. If you don`t want to drink two shakes in one go, mix them a bowl or mixing jug and leave the rest till later.
Try making peppermint tea, leave the bag in and let it `ferment` for the day. Then mix your chocolate shake with it, it tastes like `After Eight` chocolate.
when you add the water much do you add? Just a teaspoon?
Id like to try the lemo cheesecake flavour however I do not have the water flavourings. Will get it next time
now this has probably been asked before...but are there more claroies in the water flavourings?