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Ideas please


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A night out at the theatre or a concert maybe?? You could cook a really nice meal then go out, would he like that? If he is out & has to concentrate on something else it will take his mind off it


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Awww bless your heart!!!

I am a big believer that nicer home life makes poopy work life more tolerable. It's not easy to achieve sometimes because you can't turn off at home, but it's worth the effort and he'll adore you more for it :)

Ok...some of these are gifts I've gotten my OH and past bfs which went down well...others are just ideas lol

1 - Get him the original issue of fave book (if he's a reader)
2 - As above but with song (got my man mate the original release of Love Will Tear Us Apart as it's his fave song and he LOVED it as he's a big music fan)
3 - As already said, a night out to something he likes. I got my OH tickets to a film he was gagging to see for the opening night at a fancy cinema and took him out for dinner first. I put the tickets in a card telling him how much I appreciated him and he was all gooey (for a guy)
4 - Finances allowing, a weekend away somewhere to maybe a European city or somewhere in the UK
5 - A new gadget. Does he have an MP3 player? If not, get one and put his fave music on it for him.
6 - A massage at a man friendly salon? If he's not sleeping it might help relax him.

I am sure whatever you do he'll love. Stress at work is often because of not being appreciated and knowing you appreciate him will make his day. Put a heart felt note into the gift wrapping or card and I am sure he'll love it :D

Gorgeous thread :) xx


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An aromatherapy massage? :) Dilute some lavender oil down and make it up as you go along.


I will succeed!!!
An aromatherapy massage? :) Dilute some lavender oil down and make it up as you go along.
LOL just added that to my list - doing it at home would maybe be more special too :D
Something like that would be good. I've looked and can't find anything on near me unfortunately so that would have to wait for the weekend and i'd like to do somehting tonight... nothing like short notice :)
I might do the massage thing. I'm actually a qualified massage therapist but my 'treatment room' is like a chinese laundry at the moment! If I can clear it out tonight then it's decided!

Thanks for all your help guys. I really appreciate it and hopefully so will he!

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