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Ideas with Chick peas?


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Fry some chickpeas with chilli powder, cumin seeds, salt and then add 1 cup of basmalti rice and 2 cups of boiling water. Cover and keep on high flame for about 2 mins, then reduce to medium heat for 5 mins, then when most of the water had disappeared from the top just keep it on the lowest heat for about 10-15 mins.
Tastes great mixed with Tandoori Chicken and some Raita as well :)

You can also try ChickPea and Spinach curry or Beef, ChickPea and Leek Stew which are lovely!
fry them in a little fry light and salt and pepper over a moderate heat for about 10 -15 mins - until they go hard & crispy on the outsides. delicious hot 'nuts'. YUM! I prefer this to roasting as they go more crispy on the outside and soft inside rather than all the way through.
I throw them in with a tin of baked beans and some curry powder (whatever you prefer or have in cupboard) and have them on dry toast or with rice or whatever. It is a very quick curry and is lovely.
I think the roasting them as a snack comes under the misuse of free food rule.

But I think as long as you are having them as part of a filling meal then they should be free like that. However if you are making them like that regularly as a snack it may affect your weight loss.

They only really become syns if you blend them down as a substitute for flour in a cake or bread recipe.
i have chick peas with quorn curry, any spice onions tin toms curry powder, i add butter beans as well, yummy,and wholemeal rice, free on green

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