Ideas ??


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Hi Everybody.
I am really looking to lose 2 stone. I did LighterLife last year and lost 3 stone in the initial 3 months, then put 1 back on. I was expecting a 5-7lb gain due to the huge loss at the start.
Anyway, I still have 3 weeks of packs left to eat but I am struggling to get myself back on it and can't find another diet that I think would work.
I also really want to take up running but the snow is making it a little difficult and power yoga.
Has anyone had success on any diet? I would love to hear and what exercises people love to do.
Lou xx
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I've been doing SW since last Feb, the weight loss has been slow, but I only had just over a stone to lose so not too bothered.

SW allowes you to eat unlimited amount of certain foods (depending on what plan you are following that day) & even allows you 15 syns per day.

It's so easy to follow & fits in with what the rest of the family eat.

I'd recommend it to anyone, just take a look at the SW food diaries & weight loss to give you an idea.

This weather the only exercise I can recommend is the Wii, that's what I'm doing, once there is no snow & ice about I'll out walking.

Hope you find a plan to suit :)


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Hi Louise,

I think all reasonable diets will work but you do have to stick to them. If you want to stick to normal foods as much as possible, the ones to look at would be; calorie counting, weight watchers, or slimming world.

Have a look at the different diet sections on here and ask questions about what people are eating on them to help you to decide what will be the best for you. What is right for one person is not right for everyone else. I do calorie counting but have a friend who swears by slimming world.

Have a look around and ask away.



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Thank You for both suggestions I will browse the forum and see what suits xx