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If dieting was easy, there wouldnt be a minimins!


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Hello peep's :D, i am still struggling but i'm still here and determind to get back on track! i'm sat here thinking I really could do with some encouragement from ya'all' but then I thought "oh, no they're proberly fed up of me and thinking why cant she get her act together". But then I thought that this is what minimins is for. If dieting WAS so easy then we wouldnt all be here. But I truely believe that people like you lovely lot are so important to helping people get to there goals. I am so close to my family but sometimes its easier telling you how im feeling, especially when some of you know exactlywhere i'm coming from :D!

So even tho there may still be some bumps along my way to goal I am so glad I can always come here :D:D:D:D
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You have done SO well already! I'm well impressed with all your stickers, chick! People like you are an inspiration to newbies like me so do keep coming on through thick and thin (no pun intended!)


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well, its definately through thick at the mo, as i'm having some serious fat days! As I said this is why im here!
Why don't you make a list of all the reasons for/against losing weight as a bit of a kick start? Try to look on things more positively- really concentrate on the positives and not on the slip-ups. Put a picture of you looking gorgeous up on the fridge as inspiration (not a 'fat' picture as is often recommended- this is so desructive).
Try and see yourself through the eyes of someone who loves you- what are your good features?

I love the new avator, btw- you look happier than the last one and really pretty.


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Thanks guys! I just wish it was easier, I wish it was as simple as "dont eat that cake, ok then I wont", job done, lol! For me I think I'm an emotional eater, I eat when I feel stressed (sometimes when I'm stressed it does put me off food tho, it depends on the situation), but I also eat when I feel happy when I ve had some good news. Its a bit of a vicious circle really. Also I get bored of stuff easily, I start a hobby and within a few weeks im bored, lol! My hubby gets worried when I want to start a hobby as it always involves money and only lasts 2mins, lol!

Do you know why I have a short attention span to everything(rhetorical Q)! FOOD! It always comes back to the blighter! If its something physical I always seem to have a blip and start eating junk again and then I feel bloated and worn out physically and my hobby goes. Or for example I started making jewellery and wanted to have some jewellery parties but I started eating junki while I was making it as a form of relaxation (at night you get your pj's on and get the chocy out and chill, you know the senario) then I was just eating the junk, no jewellery was being made. Then when I think I'd like to make myself something I think "whats the point I'm fat, anything I make will look ridiculous".

Arrr dear I am sad case. Can I be helped do you think?

I know that its all in my head, the food thing is in my head, to lose this weight I need to sort my head as I seem to have a skew whiff view of food and myself! Where do I start? Any advice?
Hi Jodi,

Perhaps try this - your avatar pic has a georgous little person in it - who loves you just for you whatever your weight. You need to get into that same head space as that little person and love you for you too.

I am sure that you have loads of good qualities one I can see from your photo is a really big beautiful smile. I am sure if you think about it you will come up with others.

Take care of you



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I am sure you can do it....Look at what you've achieved so far...Its the last hurdle which is always the hardest.
Keep strong and keep in your mind why you wanted to loose weight in the first place..And I agree with the post above, that little person adores you regardless..Keep the love with you and try and you shll succeed....I was having difficulties and sometimes you just need a kick in the right direction, this is the right place to get the kick up your a**e!!
Keep at it....We'll all get there eventually!!!


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Thanks guys! I know that my little boy loves me for me. It is hard to think that way about myself. You know I have quite a few friends doing slimming world now including my in-laws who we live with and they ask me for advice and encouragement alot, which I love to give because I love to see them overcome hurdles and keep going! I think its time I started giving myself advice and encouraging myself! I love helping my friends and family but im leaving myself behind. So your right I need to start thinking about me!