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if hot/boiling water kills vitamins why add it to the soup?

dont bring it fully to the boil? or boil it then wait minute before adding?


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I never use boiling water to mix my shakes/soups. I mix it with a little bit of cold water then add up some hot one. I prefer shakes warm too. Well, the weather is not that great, that's why. I may try to drink then cold if there is really hot and sunny day :) But I still prefer my soup hot. It feels more like 'dinner', something hot in my stomach :)
Have a good day!
Oh, I didn't know this, I've been doing mine with boiling water! So glad I saw this. Will just use the hot tap from now on. Thanks xxx


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Gemma if you like it hot, you can still have it. Just mix the soup with a little cold wather then add up some hot one. Should work for you hun! :)
I mix with cold water, then add some hot.....then with soup i wang it in the microwave for 1 min.
Is that wrong?!!


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I'm not sure about the microwave... hmmm:confused:
This is awful!! I'm a vitamin MURDERER!!!!!

I know that some people use the microwave to make things out of the packs.
When I did LL the leader/councillor positively encouraged us too!! No mention of vitamin killing.

I think I would still use it as it makes my soup yummy even if it did kill some vitamins......it's only one pack a day and the other two have loads of goodness in.

Does anyone have the answers? xxxx
I definately read either on here on the Exante website (I cant remember which) that you shouldn't microwave the packs as it loses the nutrients. Didnt think about boiled water tho! xxx
I can't see how adding boiling water or microwaving is going to make the slightest bit of difference to the vitamins. Complan/Build Up is full of vitamins and can be made with boiling water. It might be that Exante want to make sure you don't burn yourself and try to sue them!


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I'm on day one and just had my first soup - it was such a pain to make with hot water - it would be so much easier to shake up the mixture in my shaker and then heat it up in the microwave, instead i whisked it and altho the tom and basil is quite tasty - i didn't really appreciate the lumps :jelous: eeeww

So the general opinion is that it wont matter too much microwaving it? I suppose the other option would be to shake it up cold and then add boiling water to warm it up? :confused:
Vitamins and nutrients are are only "destroyed" when you boil for a long period of time. That's why it's suggested to only boil veggies for as short a time as possible. Using boiling water for the soups won't do any damage. Unless you're using the hob. I just use the kettle.
LL allowed you to microwave certain ones like the shep pie etc as they were produced to be put in microwave for a min but not normal soups, my LL leader back then Said 10secs between kettle water being hot and boiling wouldn't kill you, just let it cool off for a min or two.
I've been making mine with cold water then warming up on the hob ... may be I should just make up with boiled water from now on! x
There may be a small health risk in using water from the hot tap, rather than either cold water and then microwaving it, or water that has just boiled, because hot tap water has generally been sitting in your hot water tank from anything from a few hours to a few days, and so there is greater likelihood of there being some accumulated nasties. Cold water tap is direct from the mains and obviously boiled water is safe.

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