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If I have a Chinese tonight how much damage will I do?


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I'm serious. I have had an awful awful day for reasons I won't go into, and I think it's going to be impossible to fight the urge.

Can anyone who has done this tell me how much weight they gained? I have no idea just how much damage I will do.

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I'm on SS. I am very very close to giving up. It's a shame, but I think I'd rather be fat than have to do this anymore :(


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Aww minirog :hug99: Crap day eh?:(

It's hard to say how much you would put on. Hey, you might not put on anything, but it does tend to be high sodium, so there will probably be some.

But will it solve the problems? Or make more? A moment of pleasure and all that followed by annoyance with yourself tomorrow morning?

It's up to you whether it worth taking the consequences, but there are alternatives. A nice hot bath and DVD. A walk to 'think'. A big coffee with a cambridge bar. Whatever floats your boat. And that great feeling that you've dealt with an emotional need without using food :clap:

Oh and the weigh in with your consultant. How great will you feel telling her you had a crap day but still stayed on track? How good will that make you feel?

Of course, if that bit of food that will be finished before you know it is worth it to you, then have your Chinese and enjoy it whilst you can.:hug99:


please try again
I'm on SS. I am very very close to giving up. It's a shame, but I think I'd rather be fat than have to do this anymore :(
you must of had a bad day if your thinking you would rather be fat

think back to the reasons you decided to do something about your weight and join cambridge, have those things changed? will they go away by you stopping or are you more likey to wake up tomorrow and be kicking yourself all over the house for stopping hun?

i had a bad week and succumbed one day, that turned into two and i gained 9lb! called myself every name under the sun and cried a fair amount before dragging myself together and getting my big butt back on track


Gone fishing
I'm on SS. I am very very close to giving up. It's a shame, but I think I'd rather be fat than have to do this anymore :(
Well don't do it anymore. Do another plan. SS isn't right for everyone. There's other plans to chose from and you might find one that works brilliantly for you. SS is just one of the 6 plans. SS+ and 810 have similar losses. Why suffer eh.
Awww I feel your pain mini!

Not easy is it

ss is ( I think ) bloody hard going and I never did it. I did ss+ which allowed me a dinner if I needed a bit if food and still lost the same as anyone on ss

Cambridge is brilliant and will work but without the right plan, you'll struggle



Try not to give in to the Chinese - I am on Day 4 and really wanted a take away tonight but I went for a very muddy wallks with a friend and her mad dog.Feel hungry but I am thinking of how great I felt this morning when I weighed and I had lost 6lbs already - keep going if you can!!

Daisy xx


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Thank you all so much for talking some sense to me. It's nine o'clock and I haven't given in. I had Oriental Chilli soup and that seems to have helped for now. If I really feel the need for food tomorrow I'll look at something high protein and low carbs.

Thanks so much for putting up with me and for taking the time to answer.

I can do this. I can. I can. I can.


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well done for getting through it... the very fact that you came on here and said you were thinking about doing it meant you had your reservations in the first place. good luck and feel very deservedly smug for tomorrow for doing do great!
you've exercised your 'resistance' muscle which then begins to get stronger and stronger, rather than giving in to your demons
keep strong, feel justifiably proud of yourself tomorrow and remember the feeling of POWER!!
well done


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you can do this you know you can,ive cheated a few times and felt sooooooo bad the next day, sometimes its just not worth it, i was on ss+ and was struggling with the food bit so i changed to 810 and im still looosing a minimum of 3lb a week, it might be wrth trying another plan and c how you go, good luck
Well done for sticking to it and coming on here was defo the right thing to do! Bet you feel alot better for not having chinese! x

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