If the dress fits . . . a diary of relapse, denial and intimidating wedding guests.

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  1. Rebecca185

    Rebecca185 New Member

    Literally a week ago, I looked at my profile in the mirror and thought "hmmm...looking pretty good". My tummy seemed flatter and all was right with the world. I even said to my sweet, patient, adorable boyfriend, "do you know, I think I've lost weight around my stomach!", which he, loyally, agreed with. Then, three things happened.

    One: In a valiant, but ultimately ill-fated, attempt to sculpt my body into a slightly less wobbly version of itself, I got the boyfriend to erect the exercise bike in the conservatory so that I could enjoy the view of the rolling hills to the rear of our house, while I was pedalling away for the self-allotted ten minutes per day. Full of gusto, I leapt out of bed 15 minutes earlier than usual the next morning and bounded downstairs, leaping onto the bike like an over-enthusiastic labrador. Ten minutes! That was all, just ten minutes of exercise, then I could begin my day full of pride at what had been a successful first step on the ladder to fitness, slimness and awesomeness. I lasted three minutes. Three minutes, during which I very nearly passed out and fell off the bike.

    Two: I ordered some pretty new dresses! Size 14? Why yes, I've been a size 14 for over a year now, having worked my way down from, what I hope was my zenith, at size 20, so why on earth would I stop to consider buying any other size? Sure, I'd hoped to get down to a size 12 at some unspecified point in the future, but 14 was fine. Ok, so I still had post-cycling-related trauma and hadn't been near the bloody thing since that ill-fated attempt, but my tummy was fine! Right?! Er, no, wrong. All three dresses were snug, to say the least. I decided to model the 'loosest' of the three for my boyfriend who - never one to be hurtful or cruel - said, with a frown on his face as he eyed my bulging tummy area, "is that a size 14"?

    Three: A work colleague asked me if I was pregnant. Need I say more? So much for the flat tummy.

    So, with a wedding to attend in June (at which will be not only the boyfriend's ex-wife but also a psychotic, bunny-boiling ex-girlfriend), I need to get my arse into shape - literally. Slimming World worked for me in the past and so I'm relying on its limitless starchy goodness to see me through again. I want to lose over three stone in total but as long as I can squeeze my arse - and flabby stomach - into at least one of those dresses by June 14th, I'll be happy.

    My first meeting at my new group is tomorrow evening and I'm genuinely looking forward to getting stuck in! The plan is to keep this diary running as long as I'm en route to my goal, in the hope that it might help/amuse/instruct any who might care to read my entries, but also as a means of keeping myself on course. However, there is always the chance that I'll see something shiny and go chasing after it instead, forgetting all about the diet, the wedding, the diary . . . who knows. I can only try. I'll check in tomorrow after my group. Thanks for reading!
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  3. malamobile

    malamobile Silver Member

    Hi Rebecca

    your diary made me laugh - all so familiar except my sizes are 18s not 14s! You can do it. Last year I lost a good chunk by coming on minimins a lot and as soon as the diary stopped so did I and on it all came. It's really good as everyone is in the same boat and understands - and can tell you off, sympathise, encourage etc. so I'd say go for it! You can do it for the wedding. I've got my hubby's work do in June - first time I've met all his colleagues and boss & I want to feel confident, not scared the sun will be obliterated from the BBQ by the size of my arse/hips. Also want to be able to eat without feeling people are watching what I shovel in! I'm sure they're not be when I'm big I think they're all thinking 'greedy porker'!

    hope you keep your diary up. Get back on that bike - 3 mins is better than none! I've got a diary too - hips of doom have got to go. Good luck! Michelle
  4. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Hilarious...subscribing :)
  5. Rebecca185

    Rebecca185 New Member

    Thanks Michelle! Really encouraging to know that I'm not going through these things alone and I really appreciate your kind words! And thank you too, Dietnija for subscribing! Will write about my first meeting as soon as I can - probably tomorrow or Friday - but all a bit hectic at the moment. REALLY enjoying stuffing my face with limitless potato though! Gotta love Slimming World . . . laters, ladies.
  6. Salycats

    Salycats Member

    This entry made me chuckle so much :) I'm much further up the weight scale but I can relate to the bike episode myself :) I'll definitely be subscribing to this diary! I've not got an event to go to, but I am about to qualify as a FE teacher. After my self-doubts and experiences training, I've no desire to walk into another room full of teenagers at my current weight. Neurosis inducing to put it mildly ;)
    Good luck on your journey!

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