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Total Solution If you can see it, you can be it


Keep on trying
Have finally worked out how to use the iPad forum app and can post with a signature of sorts! Lol

First did a VLCD in 2009 - losing 4 st, and over last 2 years have regained and taken off 2 st. There were lots of what I call reasons but others might call excuses, as to why I did not stay on the Cambridge diet when I started it 2 years ago. I had a wedding (mine), a job change, a house move, death of my children's father and then to top it all in Oct 2010 my dh had a massive heart attack....so I think they were all valid reasons to eat like a horse and beggar the consequences.

Things have calmed down considerably in my life and we have an amazing holiday coming up in 2 months and I have some lovely summer clothes to wear that I have to be 2 stone lighter for so that they fit - perfect motivation to hit the dust.

For cash and convenience reasons Exante seemed a better bet at £25 a week, as I find £40 a week too easy to stop paying out for as it's more than I might spend on food - but £25 is actually less so my penny pinching wallet likes it too!!! I have just completed 7 days and have to say the soups and shakes are much nicer than the CD ones - which is a result! Missing the porridge though and the bars are a little odd, but getting used to them!

First week weigh in this morning is 9lb - which is 2 more than on 1st week of CD. I think this is because I know I have to drink masses for this to work. First week was not "easy" but as I expected and now I am in ketosis proper not a problem so long as I keep the water up.

Intend to keep this diary updated once a week as a record for me, more often if I need to type to stop myself eating. Love reading all the inspirational stories on here - it's what keeps you focussed. I do need to deal with the fact that all my adult life I have been obese or seriously obese - and at 43 I really have to face up to doing a lot of hard work to get back to a sensible and healthy weight - something I have not been since I was 18. Having seen how hard my hubby has worked after his heart attack to get back to fitness it's something I owe to myself, and I know it can be done. Funnily enough although this diet seems tough to outsiders it's not as it removes the need to think about food. Loosing weight is the easy bit, keeping if off and keeping at it during the ups and downs of life is the hard part.

Thanks for reading my ramblings - I have to stick with it this time and hope Exante is the way forward.

:) enjoy your Sunday's.
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Keep on trying
Thanks Darcy - you have done really well in your first month - motivation of a holiday does help! C

Started Exante 21 August 2011 - 18st 2. week 1 weigh in - lost 9lbs (17.7) week 2 weigh in - Mini Goal - 2st by 30 September. Next Goal 3st by 30 October. 1 week off to enjoy Barbados Holiday. Then final push to lose 3st by March 2012 and weigh 11 stone. Stay there and maintain. :)
Week 2 loss is 5 lbs which I am very happy with :) been a really hard day at work today as I have had to man a stand at the Speciality Food and Chocolate fair - it's been torture!! Still didn't manage to crack now on day 15 of Total Solution and not giving in without a fight...

Have 7 weeks to the holiday and the thought of perhaps being 2 stone lighter than I am now is a big motivator - just have to keep at it.

Hope everyone is doing well

Hard day today - have resisted the urge to eat all day - but cooking for 5 girlfriends tonight - gotta stay on the water and eat soup :-( wish me luck
Well I managed to loose 5lbs this week - which I am very pleased about as this takes me to 19lb lost in 3 weeks. Had a little plain chicken last night which helped and now back to TS for the next 48 days till we go on holiday. Really want to lose another 20lbs by then - which is certainly doable if I stick to the plan.
Only 2lbs off this week :-(, but at least its a loss. Did this week as my AAM week as I knew it was also TOTM and thats when I want to eat like a carb-monster. So I suppose I should be happy that its a loss at all really. Only 5 weeks till the holidays and I would like to have another stone off by then - heres hoping x

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