If you could look like someone famous....


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The body of Kelly Brook...

:D not sure bout the boat though..quite dont mind me own mug :D


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The supermodel Heidi Klum, beautiful and elegant - she also comes across intelligent, down to earth, and a devoted wife and mum.


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Kelly Le Brock in the Woman In Red :D


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Sienna Miller, not too bright but gorgeous.

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Nigella,but purely her looks not her mannerisms! Think Mr T would also approve!


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I love Marily Monroe - would love to have her charm and looks.

Not necessary her brain though xxx


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it has to be cheryl cole, im working on it:)


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Odd, but a younger version of the following all mixed together... julia roberts, catherine zeta jones and shinia twain...




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Angelina Jolie. Tough, sexy, fit, with amazing body and fitness. I just love watching her films. Know nothing about her personality.... this is purely based on the superficial! xx


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I would love to look like J-lo, I would love to have her curves!!


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Cheryl Cole! No contest! xx


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Im another who wants to look like Megan Fox! I also think Lauren from the Hills is very pretty


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I think Beyonce looks quite sexy as does Sandra Bullock


running strictly on fat!
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Marily Monroe - all the way!!!


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Keep my own face - I'm used to it.

Body - ooooh. Hmmmm.

Kelly Brook. Curvy and not too thin. Angelina can look a bit scrawny at times when she loses too much (not that I'm in any danger mind!)