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If you could put one thing on my shopping list....?


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
Eggs!! So versatile and you can do lots with them
Salmon, looove it!
Skinny cow ice cream sandwich....just had one, 5 syns and yummy, also half price in Tesco at the mo!
Chick peas, fresh garlic, peppers, mushrooms, eggs, alpen lights, wholewheat bread, fry light, fruits, veggies, fat free yogurt, brown rice, super noodles low fat sweet thai chilli, salmon, chicken breasts, lasagna sheets, quorn, passata, herbs and spices...just to name a few :)
definitely mullerlights :) I never ate yoghurt before SW but now the vanilla or toffee ones are a syn free fix for any sweet cravings I might get!

Dairylea light slices are good to, and count as a Healthy Extra! x
and drumsticks to snack on with the skin taken off they are free! (as long as they are plain roast ones) - very filling! x

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