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If you could travel back in time...


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Go for that house you wanted to buy
Dump that man when you knew you should of
Step away from the cake


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After the birth of my second daughter, I decided to put the weight loss on hold whilst I breastfed, stupidly thinking that those 500 extra calories a day would allow me to eat endless packets of biscuits, chocolate, crisps and a takeaway most nights. Looking back, I dread to think about how much crap food I inadvertantly fed my baby girl without even thinking about it. If I could go back, I'd defo change how I did things those 2 years ago.

Also wish I'd of sold our house a year ago instead of trying (without much luck) now!
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To not have got any credit cards
To have done a diferent course in college
To not have wasted years of valuable time on that same LOSER!


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Don't be scared to follow your dreams.
Don't waste time trying to please people who can't ever be pleased, or 'fix' people who don't want to be fixed.
Don't be fooled... chocolate is not the answer to your problems. It's not your friend, it's your enemy.
to of realised the realtionship was done after four years instead of waiting seven to admit defeat

to of invested in MYSELF! more

seen what other people saw when i lost five stone before, embraced it and enjoyed myself instead of hiding away and getting big again :sigh:

taken more risks, learn't to say no and not of been such a walkover


Strong women stay slim
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Mine would have been when i was 16 and to stay at that age and never change thingsssssssss .
Life was Fun , fun , fun !
Life is still good now ....

Also , I was always slim until after I got married at 22 , and then it just crept up , but even more so after I had my first baby , stayed like that for years and then lost weight once I got divorced , and met someone else same thing happened , ouch , lost alot of years looking fat , feeling fat , no nice clothes as where before I'd have all the latest fashoin , ho well , let me waste no more time and get this diet over with . After all my sister says your wasting years !
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If I could turn back time I would probably do two things..

I would have fought for a relationship that I shouldn't have let go.
Secondly I would never have put things off.... So many times I thought, yes I will do that tomorrow and of course tomorrow never came so have a lot of catching up to do now to refind those lost opportunities :)


can see the end in sight!
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Start cd earlier
Not get any credit cards
Not buy the house, instead sell boyfriends house 2 years ago, bank the profit and be living in Australia now.
Back the 100 to 1 winner at the national yesterday!!

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