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If you could turn the clock back.....


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Which year would be your favourite Christmas and why?

A nice bit of seasonal nostalgia for you Baby boomers!

Mine would be probably around 1975! My last Christmas probably as an innocent (before joining senior school) but more importantly the time when all of my relatives were alive and healthy. Grandparents, uncles, aunts etc.

Spacehopper, Etch-a-sketch, - anyone remember Thomas Salter Chemistry Sets? Meccano, - I always got train sets. Funnily enough my dad loved trains:eek: - Dandy & Beano Annual - and depending what turn it was either Oor Wullie,or The Broons Annual (might have been a Northern or Scottish thing).

played board games - I'm not sure, but I think it was the law. Monopoly, Cluedo, Frustration, and those compendium sets which were life-savers on rainy, "stoppy-in" days.

Hell I even managed to avoid receiving any Bay City Rollers Albums, though I did have the white trews & shirt (complete with tartan trim), though in fairness everyone in northern England/Scotland wore them, or so it seemed.

Always remembered kids would be out on christmas day, falling off roller skates, scooters (remember them?) and those first wobbly bike rides:) - the "big lads" wouldn't be seen dead with stabilisers on their bike.

But mainly it is the original memories I have of family I treasure. Those seasonal parties, nana having one too many sherries, always a rogue uncle who'd get drunk, and inevitably turn into sing-songs and us young'uns would think we were hard core cos I managed to finish off Aunie Doreen's Cherry B or someone's Pony, or Babycham. Even my grandad would allow us a Snowball at New Year, and I grew up thinking it was obligatory to buy a bottle of Advocaat each and every christmas, as that was the only time anyone would drink that stuff lol.

A few years ago I found a reel-to-reel tape recorded and promptly gave it away (I had no use for it) I played some tapes back as they contained the merriment of a few 70s parties. I kept the tapes and had them transferred. Sound only, but priceless memories.

Just reminds me off how family-orientated it all used to be;)
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I had a fab year that year. Turned 40 went a special trip away and had a great birthday.

It was also the last Xmas with my dad, he died a little over a month later very unexpectedly


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Possibly about seven years ago, we were ready in October and it was stress free, the kids were still little enough for it to be magical and I loved it.

Or possibly 1988 my first 'proper' Christmas with my friends Jo and Chris!

Last year was a misery with everyone ill!

I wouldn't revisit any childhood Christmasses!


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1994 when my grandad Charlie was around, the bestest person in the world when I was a tried and he was the most amazing person I have met, R.I.P. grandad be thinking of you today x


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Mine was when I was about 7, and we had our one and only Christmas in Scotland with my nana and papa. I got a barbie beach buggy, a barbie four poster bed, and it was an amazing day. My family up there are far more laid back - you just turn up at peoples houses, grab some food and plonk yourself in the living room. Down here, its always been a case of calling before you pitch up, getting out the good crockery, and being on your best behaviour. Always felt like more of a kid when I was north of the border.

kerry b

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EVERYBODY played board games - I'm not sure, but I think it was the law. Monopoly, Cluedo, Frustration, and those compendium sets which were life-savers on rainy, "stoppy-in" days.

Lol, I got my son frustration and scrabble this year, can't wait to play them. We always had a boardgame for xmas when we were kids.

My fave was probably last year. My son was almost 3 and santa gave him a massive wooden trainset. He was soooo excited and I can still pictire his reaction in my head. Today was lovely but it will take a lot to top last year:D