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If you have to eat...

I took them with me to work but ended up at a client's office all day and not really appropriate to start mixing up a shake.... I didnt get home until 8 and felt really shakey, I usually have a bar on me but had run out. I was just thinking if needs must is it better to have something like a soup so that you dont chew and be tempted?


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When I feel like that I have 200mls of skimmed milk. It works to bring your blood sugar up and it's not really breaking the diet as it's one of the allowed options on sole source plus. x

Everyone is different but it works for me. Also I try and have 1 shake first thing in the morning even if I don't feel like it.
Thats a good idea thanks moggy thanks.


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One other thing that I forgot to say. The tetras..the banana one. You can put it in tea and coffee. It's nicest in tea. About a third of the pack in a big cup of tea. It tastes like a sugary cup of tea and I personally can hardly taste the banana. I am 6 weeks in and all I have are the banana tetras in tea and coffee...I have gone off everything else! I got so bored of drinking water and it's the only way I can get fluids in me..plus it makes your tetras last for ages and it's quite filling. X
If im caught on the hop, so as to speak I nibble on a bit of chicken and because its protein doesnt seem to knock you out of fat burning. Hope this is helpful.


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Not sure what you ended up having.. but was just going to say I would always have something in my bag like a bar or tetra if I know Im going out that way you wont get caught short.
Hope you feel better today x

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