If you want to do one good thing today, Help me with this,Please


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I am 23, And I weight 135kg, I think I am killing myself with food, My GP suggested the Cambridge Diet to me, And I had 3 attempts at it with no success, I just start feeling really depressed, I don't know how to get through the first week, Please help me, Am I just a loser or something, It is a hard diet,But there must be a way for me to succeed.

Although I have to point out that I had so many rejections, In every way (Relationships, Work, Friends, etc) Also I have lost some weight about 3 years ago and got to a healthy weight, Was very happy, But then started to gain the weight again when I discovered my ex was cheating on me, It's complicated, But I am hoping for someone to read this and go 'Oh, I know exactly what this girl should do', Please, Be that person:cry:
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Why do you have to do CD? I tried it lost a few stones but couldn't continue with it. Waiting for months doing no diet and put it all back on and then one day my head was in the right place and I set off on my journey again using WW. And this time I am succeeding.

There is not just one diet but many that work

It is just finding the best one for you

Irene xx


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CD is a great diet but its not for everyone, I know I couldnt do it. Why not have a look round the site and have a look at other diets, the right diet is out there, its just a case of working out which one is right for you :)


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In my own opinion, Irene is right Zara, (& so is Starlight)

As soon as your head is in the right place, whatever diet you choose will work. CD, Lighterlife & Lipotrim are really tough but help if you really need to stay away from food - the first 3-5 days are the toughest but it does get better, not necessarily easier but better. If you can cope with control then any of the others will work but you do need to have your head in the right place.
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Hey Zara,

I have read your post. I have tried all the diets in my life and I need to let you down first saying that there is no miraculous diet that will last for few weeks and makes a permanent weight loss once you're out of it!
I study biochemistry and I know you cannot cheat metabolism.
But, here is a good news: you can HELP your body to shed those pounds, by speeding it up every day till the rest of your life, making one permanent change and sticking to it. It worked for me once I've found abs diet. This is a healthy, tasty, eating plan, that will never bore you, exhaust you or leave you hungry and most of all is very effective.
I have posted a new thread on "other diets" forum few mins ago.
Go and have a look:)

All the best xx


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Welcome to minimins, you have come to a great place. Have a good look around the site at the different weight loss options.

The important thing for you to remember is that there is not just one magic solution, there are many options, but here you are among people who care about each other and know how hard weight loss is.

We don't have the answer for you, you have to find that yourself, but we will support you working it out. good luck x


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Hi Zara and welcome to Minis! I don't think the diet is the key it's the mindset, if your head is in the right place you can do any diet. Have a look around the site there is loads of useful info, including lots of really helpful stuff on why we overeat, barriers to us losing weight, emotional eating etc which may help you understand what your triggers are.

Hugs xxxx

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Hi Zara and welcome.

You sound desperate, lovely - and you've found the right place for support and caring - we all know what it feels like to struggle with one diet or another - and as everyone else has said, not every diet suits everyone.

One of the best things I got from this site was a quote on someone's signature...can't remember who (sorry, whoever you are) that said

If hunger is not the problem, then food is not the solution

I have kept this little mantra in mind for the last 12 weeks on my weight loss journey and it has helped - even through the loss of my darling dad. It has helped me to recognise what real hunger feels like and to ask for other emotional support when I need it rather than turning to support in a purple wrapper!!!

Good luck, lovely - and let us know what diet you decide to stick with.

We are right behind you

LRO xx

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Hi ya
I agree with everyone else on this thread you have to find the diet that suits you! I tried CD, WW, SW even pink patch and was considering surgery because I was so unhappy with my weight. However I have just started LighterLife and this suits me because I go in a group so I have an instant support system and new friends, and because they offer a CBT session to figure out why I am overeating and how to change the way that I feel about myself.

Just keep trying until you find a diet that is best for you!

Your self esteem has taken a battering so maybe try asking your friends and family what they like about you and writing them down!

Keep your chin up
Sarah x


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Hi Zara and :welcome: to Minimins. I totally agree with the above posts. Keep trying hun - You can do this - We all can!!! You've come to the right place for support and motivation. Now all you need to do is "believe in yourself" :) xxx


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hi zara, cd is a tough diet and i agree with the others. your head deaf needs to be in the right place for it. there is other options though aswell what about ww / sw?


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Hiya hunny and welcome to the forum. I agree with what everyone else has had to say. Vlcd's are good for some people and are not for others so it may be best just to have a chat to everyone on different diets and get a field of what to expect. With vlcd's ya have to be very focused and determined to stick to it. There is no such thing as a quick fix diet, gosh I have wished there is myself but every diet involves patience, hard work and stamina!! Set your mind on it and we are all in the same boat here to help ya through it. Gud luck for whatever diet ya decide to go on and always remember ya are not alone!!


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It worked for me once I've found abs diet. This is a healthy, tasty, eating plan, that will never bore you, exhaust you or leave you hungry and most of all is very effective.
I have posted a new thread on "other diets" forum few mins ago.
Go and have a look:)

All the best xx

Sorry hun to sound dumb but what is abs diet?