If you WI in the evenings - do you restrict your food in the afternoon?


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As the title, if you weigh-in in the evenings, do you restrict your food before you go to class?

I ask as I am off to class tonight and am starving hungry already! To be fair, I didn't have a huge lunch because I wasn't that hungry at the time but I have got hungrier as the hours have gone on and the apple and satsuma I ate an hour ago just aren't doing the job! So I have resorted to a mug shot but I'm a bit concerned as I usually try and limit my food from about 3pm so that it doesn't affect my weight loss!!

So do you limit as well? Or don't you think it makes a difference? Really hoping it doesn't!!
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Nope. I made this mistake with WW and got obsessed with what I ate pre weigh in until it got to the point that I would have breakfast and a cup of tea at lunchtime.

I weigh in now at 7pm. I have breakfast and lunch as normal then usually a piece of fruit and a cup of tea at around 4pm. This holds me off until i have my dinner after Ive been to class. I always have a hifi bar in my bag though that I eat in class after my weigh in! x


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work out a routine for WI day & stick to it.

I eat normally, and i usually snack on fruit before hand, and take a high fibre bar to munch on after WI, then have dinner when i get home..



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I've been having this debate in the past few weeks too...

For me, sticking to breakfast and lunch normally, having a piece of fruit a few hours before (like Foxychic and JenXx suggested too) and then eating as soon after WI as poss is the best.

That way, you can't blame dinner for any unexpected weight gain! Also take spare fruit with you to group so you can stay to group but without being hungry!

Hope it goes well! I'm off to WI now... wish me luck! x


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I weigh in at around quarter to 6 - as I do the laptop - so I get weighed in first. So I eat normally - have breakfast and lunch and then some fruit in the afternoon - this is what I have done every week. :)

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I usually have breakfast and lunch as normal and then snack on fruit in the afternoon. I weigh in bout 6.15pm so I usually don't eat of drink after bout 4.30pm as i have been told a pint of water weighs 1lb:eek:


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I use to get very paranoid to the point of just being silly with myself, things such as stopping drinking anything after 3pm, same with any food. My weigh in, is at 7pm also (wednesdays) and i have my lunch either 11:30am or 12:30pm depending on the lunch rota at work. If i have a early lunch at 11:30am then i am hank marvin by time i finish work around 4:30pm-5:00pm! So i then have something to munch on that is light, such as a muller yoghurt or an apple. If my lunch break is at 12:30 then im usually okay until after my weigh in. x


I weigh in at 6pm. So i usually have my breakfast and lunch, a peice of fruit before i go to class and my dinner when i come home. I've been worried about eating too much on WI day as i've heard your weight can fluctuate by 5 pounds in a day. :eek:


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I was DETERMINED not to get obsessed this time, especially as my weigh in isn't until 7pm
Unfortunately I have failed miserably and have a couple of coffees but that's it.
I am intending to change but ive just not quite built up to it yet.


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Seriously that's not good! It's unhealthy to avoid food all day not to mention it could negatively affect your losses. Are you going to restrict your eating in this way once a week for the rest of your life? Break the habit now and you'll be much happier, healthier and more relaxed on WI day.


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I eat more or less the same each Weds up until weigh in. Breakfast as usual, mid-morning fruit, mugshot and yoghurt for lunch, i only drink about half a litre of water though. I manage fine up until i get home at 7pm.