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If your llc has not lost weight.. does this matter to you?

my qualified llc, has a lovely manner, but she did not lose any weight, she just did the training and qualified, do you think this matters when doing a diet like ll? i did at first, but speaking to my husband about it, we reasoned that you really get your strength from the group, and it does not matter, what does anyone else think??
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Interesting question. Can't say I have thought about it. I suppose if they have lost weight using the diet they know what you are going through.

I was very lucky to have a wonderful lady who was very motivating, caring and supportive.
I haven't started yet but I would think that the LLC's who have done the diet have an advantage as they know exactly what you are going through and what to expect. However I agree you prob draw strength from the group as your all going through it together so I dont think its a big advantage for them to have already done it.

I thought the LLC would have all had to have done the diet, intresting.
TBH - I was glad my LLC had never had a weight issue.

As a result, she calls it like it is - and that is very open, and honest, and causes us to face things realistically, rather then behind too much empathy and excuses, if that makes sense?

Any other weight loss attmpet in a group setting was done by previously heavy women - and they were all unsuccessful. This was done by someone who has always known how to eat and live "normally" - and that has been successful.

So - for me it was a good thing. :)
My LLC was a councillor before she was a LLC, which was a great base to start from.

On top of this she did LL and lost 6 stone :eek:

It's nice when someone can relate to you and you can joke about which packs you both like and dislike! She can also relate to symptoms and the little quirks we all go through.

It helps if they're a nice, approachable person as well - which mine is :D

Thing is = they are not teaching us how to DIET. They are teaching us how to change our relationship with food/bad habits/ etc., using a pschological approach. (CBT and TA)

So they really don't need to know what its like - I think their training in teaching us to change the way we think and act is the most important part of the diet. ANd worth every single penny, I can assure you! ;)

The most important thing is you have a good rapport with your LLC - that she lsitens, and teaches - is supportrive and understanding yet insists you "get it", etc.

Just my two penneth worth! Again. :)
I've had 2 LLC's because i moved house, 1st hadn't lost with the plan, 2nd had. The 1st was very focused on the counselling but i found it difficult to warm to her, i don't know if it was because i felt she didn't really know what i was going through, but i preferred her style of delivery.
I feel the empathy from the 2nd although i don't enjoy her style of counselling as much as she is very rigid in her delivery.
I guess ultimately it depends upon the person, although i think it helps, psychologically, to know they've been through it too.
i dunno, i kind of like knowing that my llc had been in the same possition i am in and has done it. Although im finding it quite hard to warm to her, we only seem to get about 45mins per week with her in the room actually talking to us, is this normal??
my llc lost 6 stone on ll but has put it all back on again. Some people have a go at her behind her back when they've had a bad day but I don't really care about her weight, so long as she's helping me to lose mine!
I think it helps that she's been through the programme but ultimately what she weighs is of no consequence. Havin a counseller who has/has not had weight problems can just be someone else to blame it on if it doesn't work.
I'll admit that my lady isn't great but I reached 100lbs lost this week so it doesn't seem to make much of a difference!!
I agree with BL.We are lucky because our LLC is able to pick up on issues we have in our group due to her experience of being a counsellor as well as 10 years LLC. She is making us aware of the psychological/emotional triggers which make us overeat/drink in the first place and teaching us coping strategies to deal with those issues when they crop up again later in life, which they will.
To me the CBT has been invaluable.I will never forget what I have learnt. It has helped me turn my life around.
My LLC used to deal with eating disorders which is essentially what we all have. She said she did have to do LL for three weeks though as part of the training. However she is so thin, I cannot imagine there was anything left of her. I also had a midwife that hadn't had kids, isn't this the same sort of thing?
i must admit that my 1st LLc was very overweight, and to be honest i found it hard to get inspiration. I moved to another group, and my new counsellor had lost 8 stone and was still maintaining, he was so motivating that i went on to lose 5 stone in his group.
different strokes for different folks

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