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If you've rejoined SW - what's different this time?


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I've joined SW a few times and fallen off the wagon - sometimes I just wasn't in the right frame of mind, other times I have just started seeing results and seem to get scared of the success I'm seeing (bonkers!). This time I feel different, I'm motivated as I always am, but I really do see this as a plan for life now.

On other attempts I want the results fast and always have it in the back of my mind that it's not forever.

I'm going to make the full use of my syns and make sure I don't put my life on hold until I've lost weight. I've previously also not wanted to go out for meals etc due to the temptation, but I now realise I can factor anything into the plan and just live life as normal. It may take a bit longer to see the lbs come off - but I'm more likely to stick with it.

So, if you've returned to SW, what is different for you this time around?

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i have done SW a couple of times and lost weight-then gave in to the urge to eat! i am trying to think differently-like you that this is for life. Finding this site helps as i don't feel so alone......It also makes me celebrate when I lose a pound, rather than beat myself up when I have 'only' lost a pound, leading to a binge. In the back of my mind sadly I am still expecting to fail-but hoping to win x


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this is a good question :)

The first time i did SW i lost a stone (i was thinner back then) and followed plan amazingly :) Then we moved away and i started chomping takeaway etc. Then another 3 times or maybe more i joined SW and failed within 1-3 weeks. I was never in the right frame of mind.

Now i have dropped weight with a food replacement programme, and have started SW to get the last stone off. I am totally in the zone and enjoying my SW way of eating. Whats different is my attitude and frame of mind


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i did it about 3 years ago and lost 2 stone... but then i thought i was fine to start eating again. Then i got pregnant, piled 4 stone on, then lived at home with my mums home cooking.
Then after xmas this year i moved into my own place....... perfect excuse for takeaways as i didnt feel like cooking for just one adult.
so...... i need to do something now , im just getting bigger!


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I did it at home as friend did the classes so got the books from her but got bored of the red and green days so never stuck it out. This time the ee plan is fab as it was something like that I followed on ww so that encouraged me to go to a class and loose the last bit I need to.

When i did slimming world originally i wanted to the lose te weight but i guess i viewed it as a diet back then rather than a plan for life... I think because i lost weight as well and was fitting into smaller clothes i went out more drinking with my friends as i had more confidence and then slowly the pounds started to pile back on.. This time i know that i don't want to have to go through this again and that i need a balance.

I know this will be a plan for life now!!

Kate x

Mrs V

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When I first tried SW it was a diet rather than a plan and everything was restricted including fruit! It worked, but only until I lost the weight and became complacent and then filled out again.
This time around I dont look at the things I cant have, I look more into how I can adapt the things I can have!


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I've done SW a few times in the past, once losing 4st. This times is different for a few reasons:
  • It's probably the longest I've ever done SW and I've not gotten bored yet! I try and vary what I eat each week and eat things that I enjoy, not food that I'm forcing myself to eat.
  • I use my syns on all kinds of things - from sauces, to chocolate, to sachets of spice mix, to flour, to whatever I want that day! I try not to deprive myself and use my syns for whatever I'm craving at that time.
  • Whenever I go on holiday, I go off plan (although I still remain healthyish depending on where I am!) but I don't go off plan until I leave my flat (no going off plan days in advance!) and I get back on plan straight away when I get back. Previous times of doing SW I've put on a 5-7lb and then just quit and not gone back.
  • And the biggest change? I actually feel like this is a way of eating for life. Especially now that they've introduced EE. I've been doing SW for 15 months and don't feel like it's a 'chore' or a 'diet'. Sure, I get fed up sometimes and don't want to have to think about what I'm eating for constantly plan, but I get over and get on with it!
SW is a great plan for life if you can embrace it and make it work for you - not you work for it!


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I rejoined SW last Wednesday - but as it was only 2 weeks since I last went to my old group, not a lot had changed :)


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this is my 3rd time. 1st time lost nearly 3 stone kept it off for over a year after i left then got a new boyfreind and it all went pear shaped pizza lager lol never good 2nd time was there about 2 months then they changed venue didnt like the new class so didnt go ,3rd time lucky tomoz will be my 4th weigh in and up to now ive lost 3 1/2 lbs hoping for more tomoz deff going to stick to it this time as ive got quiet a few health probs and think being lighter will help just got to get into the right frame of mind first time round found it realy easy and loved it not so confident this time but am going to try .


S: 16st12lb C: 16st5lb G: 13st7lb BMI: 44.7 Loss: 0st7lb(2.97%)
This is my 2nd time with sw i lost just over a stone 3 years ago then changed my job so no longer went to class and some how managed after getting myself a lush new partner to gain over 3 stone and ended up beeing my biggest yet!! but im back on the waggon now, have had a few wobbles and a little fall off but all is going well now thank god :)
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Third time of joining, managed to get to target last time and then just chunked it and more back on!!!

this time i will get to target and stay there!

going to try a few days of extra easy as that wsn't around last time


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I've done it a few times before, as well as WW, Rosemary Conley (awful diet) and Atkins. I've never ever got to target before, got close but something always cropped up - new fella, lack of inspiration,a big gain on holiday etc etc.

This time was different because I knew I couldn't kid myself any more. I was not made to be that size, I was not happy that size and I did not look good that size - no matter what I told myself. The camera never lied!

So, I joined and that's been it for 2 years. I don't/didn't think of SW as a diet - it is a way of eating that is sustainable for life. Like Stacey, I vary my food, I try not to eat the same thing day in, day out and I enjoy a treat.

I feel happier in myself and my life, I'm settled, and I think before those things were missing which is why I never succeeded.

All diets start in the mind, and my mind was in the right place this time around.......
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For me it's the fact that i'm all my children have left now; my husband died in August last year, leaving me with a son who was three and a daughter who was just 14 weeks.

I've come to the realisation that if i carried on the way i was, then i would probably be dead by the time i'm 45 and they would be orphaned. I can't do that to them, i'm the only stable thing they have in their lives now and it's my responsibility to them to do everything i can to ensure i'm around to see them grow up.
S: 21st1lb C: 20st3lb G: 13st3lb Loss: 0st12lb(4.07%)
Ohhh... that was a bit of a threadkiller, wasn't it?

Sorry :sigh:


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Oh ((Deemented)) x