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[FONT=&quot]Hmm on my bus ride home today - admittedly i was very soggy from the rain and so a bit grumpy well a lot grumpy but anyhoo - two girls that were abut 18 were sat right behind me looking at a clothes catalogue they were generally grating on a grumpy soggy me with there squeaky voices to start with but THEN one of them started taling about some underwear and how it came in a size 22 and how she though it was disgusting to imagine someone at a size 22 wearing it.

This wound me up no end !

What is wrong with people, i learnt that if i didn’t have anything nice to say to keep my god damn mouth shut!

Rant over! :p[/FONT]​
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Little Picker

Wants smaller knickers!
I walked past a group of girls the other day and heard them say 'god, what an elephant' :( I know they were talking about me. One day, at least one of that group will have a weight problem and will eat their words! I'm size 18 from waist down and about 20-22 waist up so I am big (obese), but that was the first time I'd been called a name in the street :(

Well done for losing 3 stones so far Cleashy, you're doing brilliantly!
I must admit it hasn't happened in a while. But I used to get comments from complete strangers all the time. Kids and adults believe it or not. Some people are just ignorant, mean, and love to get a kick out of making someone else feel bad.
Do they really think that overweight people shouldn't wear nice undies?! Idiots! Take no notice :)
Don't let things like that get to you, Instead use things like that to drive you on to your goal.

It's a shame things like this happen (and are let to happen) You have sex, race, ethnic, cultural, colour discrimination laws but if you above a certain size your free game !

Words can hurt, but words can also drive you to your dream.

It was something my little girl said that led me here, so her words really have changed my life for the better but at the time they hurt like hell.

Good luck on the journey


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I wish I could have found nice undies (that actually contained me!) when I was a size 22....
I'd have turned round and said..... ohh, a size 22, fantastic - what catelogue are you looking at, I've been looking for some new knickers!

It would have embarassed them no end and they'll probably think twice about saying something like that again.

When I was younger I'd never have dared to say anything, but now I think sod it, lets give them a taste of their own medicine. When teenage lads shout "fatty" etc, I'll turn round and ask them what they said..... they'll also go bright red and say "nuffin" - Ha! x
Hmmm. One day after they've had a couple of kids and find themselves a bit bigger than they are now they'll understand!

A guys I once worked with once sat next to me and announced to the whole office how he would never date a girl over a size 16! He wasn't exactly a hottie himself and I thought 'what makes you think just because someone is over size 16 she'd stoop to date you anyway!' I was too speechless to get the words out! I was a size 16 at the time and don't think he clicked that he might have been including me in his 'fatty catagory' which serves to prove he has no idea what size 16 even looks like ;)
i wish i was in a size flaming 22 knickers!!!!

i would be proud and be taking them to the till in the shops waving them around!! instead of hiding the size.

good stuff in size 22 knickers i reackon!

if they had done it to me, i would have said well ya should have seen me when i was in a size 32 knickers!!! what do you make of that!!!!
I once had a comment from a group of girls about 16-17 when I was sat in McDonalds with my children. They were looking over and giggling. This was a few years ago before I was at my biggest and yes I was hurt but more because the children were with me. As we left one of them, a far from slim girl herself, said something about how could I let myself get like that. I turned to her and said 'I'm glad you're thinking that way if you do something about it now you might not end up like me. I was your size at your age.' I felt quite bad when her friends laughed at her going red but maybe it will have made her think. It's about the only time I've had a comment from a stranger so I guess I'm lucky, you wouldn't go up to someone in the street and laugh at their ugliness but it's apparently okay to do it to a fat person.:confused:
What an amazing bunch of women you are!! :)
I'd love to come back to comments like that but would just stay schtum and get all upset on the inside...you lot are an inspiration! :)
people can be so awful, one of my workmates makes a lot of comments about me being overweight and yet brings in cakes etc and gives me a hard time if i don't take one, i just think some people like having someone to pick on and make them feel good.
You know what girlies - we are blooming fabulous, sod all the rude ignorant people, we are who we are and fast becoming the person we want to be.

Go us xx
too right louise, and when we all get to where we dream of, we'll still retain the class and the empathy we hold already towards those struggling with their weight.


Always comes back to MMs!
This thread makes for some uncomfortable reading, but thanks for sharing... I havent had a comment for absolutely ages, but here's a couple of my horror stories...

Being asked to get off a fairground ride cos the safety harness wouldnt click down over my boobs... I was so so mortified as it was a round ride where everyone faced each other and everyone was staring and laughing.... I just burst in to tears and it ruined my day out with friends.

Walking through a park when I was about 17, and a group of lads playing football (one who I really really fancied!) singing "Hey fatty bum bum" as I walked past... most humiliating moment of my life!

The sad fact is I could go on, people seem to think you are fair game if you are overweight... I wish I had had the confidence to stand up for myself then, instead of running home to the biscuit tin....! I never realised that it was never about me, it was about how they felt about themselves that was being projected outwards...

I used to dream about being someone "normal", someone who no one had anything to say about! Just average size, average looking, average height... now my biggest fear is being Ms Average, I want to be Mrs Exceptional!!! I'm proud of every lump and bump I have, and as they get smaller I still love them, and I love my life.

Thank you for reminding me why SW is so important in changing not just our outsides, but our insides too!



is working hard.....
Can I offer a different perspective? (And I don't want to offend, just offer my opinion).

Whilst I know some people are ignorant and prejudiced in their comments and insults, many people simply don't understand what they say, how they say it, and where they say it, can be so distressing and hurtful to others.

I know I have a little chip on my shoulder about 'sizism' being the huge size I've been, but I simply refuse to take other people's (and I mean strangers rather than family and friends) comments about what I eat, what I wear, or what I do on board. They don't know me, or understand where I've been and why I look like I do, so its better to ignore and I just don't *hear* it anymore.

I also know that the simplest of comments can be taken the wrong way and I have enough to worry about without taking on the world and its prejudices!

Lastly, young people in particular can be the cruelest but only through sheer honesty and innocence sometimes. My utterly gorgeous and funny and clever daughter met a lady with dwarfism this week and proclaimed very loudly - 'did you see that funny small lady mummy?'. Its the sort of comment that youth and immaturity causes and I was both humbled and bowled over by the humour and kindness that this lady had in responding to both my daughter and myself. I took great pains afterwards to talk this through with my daughter afterwards and it was a learning experience for us all.

xx :)
people can be so awful, one of my workmates makes a lot of comments about me being overweight and yet brings in cakes etc and gives me a hard time if i don't take one, i just think some people like having someone to pick on and make them feel good.
Shove one of those cakes in your workmate's face next time! Ignorant pig!

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