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Big Diva to Divalicious

S: 22st5lb C: 15st5lb G: 12st8lb BMI: 30.8 Loss: 7st0lb(31.31%)
Dear diary....
l started my
vlcd jouney 9 weeks ago weighing 313lbs,
today l weigh 275lbs
. First 2 weeks were on Lipotrim that tasted so so vile. The past 7 weeks l have been on Exante and l love it. The taste is amazing well except for the tomato and basil.:yuk:

ln these past 9 weeks l have discovered strength and will power that l never thought l had. For the first time in my life l know that l can be slim and healthy. Looking back to when l was my slimmest l realise l was happier and more daring then. l can make excuses and say the Depo injections caused my weight gain or the fractured ankle and being in a cast for 8 weeks but the honest truth is that l let myself go. Like many others l too have tried a lot of diets and failed miserably. I tried Xenical twice and was just disguisted by the effects. In July l went to my gp and asked for a gastric band lol. l went for a blood test for cholestorol, diabetes etc. My gp was shocked when everything came back normal except for my iron levels. We never discussed it again cause Oh though a gatric band was taking it a step too far. At that point l knew if l did not do anything my weight would kill me. On the telly if there was anything to do with weight l felt like they were saying it to me. l hated it (how silly). Then my favourite celebs would lose weight and l would feel like they have let me down. How sad is that.... l don`t know were l heard of LT but l instantly knew l had to give it a go. I googled it and found this forum, what a godsend. I then changed to Exante and honestly this diet works for me. I know it works because now l am ready and more focused to do this. lt is sooo difficult cooking dinners everyday for my OH and two kids but l also find it rewarding. I am talking of cooking from scratch even my white sauce lol. Am giving baking a break, l love the smell too much. l cook cause l never want them to feel like they are on a diet as well, though its far more healthier than in the past. Both OH and my lil boy have lost about 5lbs each. They still have a take away once a week and l sit there and drink my water

l want to be the slim partner, mummy, sister, daughter, friend and neighbour lol. We moved house in April and my next door neighbour and her twenty something year old 3 gals must be size 6s to 10s. ln the summer l`d be so embarassed hanging my size 22 and 24 clothes on my washing line. It made me feel so ashamed.

At 30 l feel like l let my 20s fly by whilst being so fat. l went to nightclubs and all that but had to hold back coz of my size. We went to the funfair in the summer, me and my son wanted to go on a ride. The guy looked at me and sait you wont fit, how embarassing is that. When we went to Legoland l didnt even bother going on any ride
:mad:. Being big has had it`s embarassing moments too. A few years back l was sitting on a plastic garden chair, it broke and the next thing l see am on the floor:cry:. l was so embarssed especially since l didnt know most of the people there. Now whenever l dont trust whether the chair will bear my weight l would rather stand. l did this at my son`s play last week and OH thought l`d gone insane but hey l would rather save myself from embarassment. Lets not talk about the sweating or being out of breath.

By my birthday next April l want to be at least a size 16. I love fashion and despite my size have managed to "look good" not forgetting the control underwear lol. I mean with places like ASOS, Simply Be, New Look, George and Ebay UK/US l managed it yet felt like l could do more for myself. l cannot wait to go shopping at Lakeside and shop from most if not all womens shops ooh that would be amaaaaazing. Thinking of all of this gives me strength not to cheat. I must say l am seeing a bit of a difference in clothes though because of 2 c-sections my tummy is very big:mad:. Am quite chuffed that l bought 2 size 20 dresses and they fit me perfectly, well 2 weeks ago anyway.

l am still unsure whether to eat xmas or not but whether l do or not l am glad l started this diet before the festive season. Normally at xmas l go all out and eat mince pies, cakes, meat, potatoes etc and justify it to myeslf that xmas comes once a year.

WI tomorrow and starting week 10. Here is to will power and slimfinnity!

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S: 12st10lb C: 10st6lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 25.9 Loss: 2st4lb(17.98%)
hi diva, welcome to exante. your diary start was an interesting read. well done for doing good so far and keep up the good work. good luck for your weigh in ;)
S: 22st5lb C: 15st5lb G: 12st8lb BMI: 30.8 Loss: 7st0lb(31.31%)
Ok have decided to do my AAM week early coz of the lovely festive season. lnitially l wasn`t gonna do it, but am thinking might as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Am on week 10 (68 days):happy096:. During week 5 I only added 1 meal, naughty I know. I plan on being back on plan on boxing day, then go out for a friends` bday in 2 weeks where l plan on just having white meat and veg. Though am not sure if there`s anywhere besides Nandos (chicken n green salad) that can do this, she doesnt like Harvester.

Av got a phobia of eating food now coz l feel like l just need to do this now and get it over and done with. VLCDs are like new boyfriends who treat you so good and you just want to stay in lala land. In my opinion if am losing weight why cheat or add AAM. I have hated being fat all of my life and this works and I just wanna stick to it, refeed and maintain.

Am sure others have felt the same as well coz on LT you dont do AAM so why does Exante or CD do it. I know NICE recommends it blah blah blah and it boosts ur metabolism. Ok am confusing myself now:rolleyes:...
S: 22st5lb C: 15st5lb G: 12st8lb BMI: 30.8 Loss: 7st0lb(31.31%)
hi diva, welcome to exante. your diary start was an interesting read. well done for doing good so far and keep up the good work. good luck for your weigh in ;)
thanks fortyandfab, I lost 3lbs:)


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S: 16st6lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 3st13lb(23.91%)
I don't know about the add a meal thing, I think it's to do with being in ketosis too long. The way I see it we all have the odd thing to eat anyway so why would you add s meal unless you were really really in ketosis solidly.


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S: 22st5lb C: 15st5lb G: 12st8lb BMI: 30.8 Loss: 7st0lb(31.31%)
Dear diary.... today is "day 1" after a week off plan. So far I put on 3lbs, its TOTM again but proper one coz boy the PMS is bad. Will be going for my scan in 2 weeks time so thus a relief.

I had my bar in the morning, shake a while ago and I keep sipping the cold water. Will buy the boullion that most seem to like hopefully I will too. I have CD water flavours so not sure I can have both.

Much as I havent updated my diary I have come on here almost daily for the past week be it on my ipod, phone or desktop lol. It keeps me insane seeing that others are stronger than me and when they fall they try again. So here`s to hoping the same from me. I have Exante stuff for 8 days and av flirted with the idea of going over to CD but the thought of paying £14ish more doesnt justify it for me. I need the extra money to buy new clothes :D. I have bought size 16 and 18 clothes in the Jan sales talk about jinxing myself. I cant wait to wear them, so hey am in this to win it baby! I can squezze into some 18 dresses if the style is tummy friendly otherwise I look like am about to pop :mad:.

So far so good on my "day 1"....


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S: 14st8lb C: 13st12lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 30.4 Loss: 0st10lb(4.9%)
Good luck Diva, just think you have done the hardest part by deciding to commit to this diet, you are on fantastic journey and every week, is a week close to the new you! Tasha xx
S: 22st5lb C: 15st5lb G: 12st8lb BMI: 30.8 Loss: 7st0lb(31.31%)
Hello my neglected diary....
Ok, so am not a diary person, growing up with big sisters who read my diary was annoying. I remember one time I had written stuff about this guy I fancied and they laughed about it infront of everyone. From then on I just cannot commit to a diary. Am grown up now and I need to do this for myself, well at least strangers and a trusted friend will read but hey so what. Writting about this life changing journey is great and I can always refer to it later in life or when the going gets tough :):).

Still come on here several times a day (this is my new addiction), I have the app on my ipod and htc too :eek:. I love reading other peoples` stories, how they are getting on and stuff. I find that more interesting than my life lol.

We went for a family meal last Sat at Harvester with my sis n her 3 kids, other sis n kid, bro n me, OH n our 2 kids. I jus had green stuff on my plate from the salad cart, no mayo or cream. Then had my main meal no chips, well about 4 or 5. No pudding :), though my eldest sis kept pushing me to order in the end her 20 yr old daughter snapped n told her to stop it was annoying :D. Oh yeah crazy innit! She didn`t order pudding but then has 1/2 from my nieces` plate n another 1/2 from my bro. Some people ahhh. She now wants to go on my diet. Yes same person who criticised my diet from day 1 up until she saw me last weekend. Really how do I cope with a sis like that. The competition is unreal, she has said I cannot be smaller than her (she`s a size 14/16) am now 18.

Am so grateful for everyone here who is so positive and encouraging. Well I am growing a thick skin as fast as am losing the lbs. 4stone gone :) yes, yes, so chuffed with myself.

I am going back for another pelvic scan on 25th Feb. GP says they ddnt see my coil:mad: , fingers crossed they find it otherwise we are getting an Exante baby:eek:. I love my 2 kids and its enough for me and now.

Hope u r all good xoxo


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S: 21st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 3st3lb(14.85%)
Well done on resisting the pudding and your sister definitely is competitive. Ur just going to have to get to a size 12 to shut her up. ;)

Fingers crossed things go well on the 25th.
S: 18st6lb C: 16st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 43.3 Loss: 1st9lb(8.91%)
What's happened to divas diary? Did you decide to stop writing in it? XxxX

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