I will do this!!!


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soup is always good blend it so its smooth, x get better soon, plenty of water aswell


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what about some scrambled egg thats always lovely or if you have some pudding rice have a green day and enjoy some comfort food, but proper rice pudding not pretend with muller yoghurt lol :D

hope you feel better soon, unfortunately me and my son both feel the same as you and its not nice. x


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Go with what your body thinks it will cope with. The chances are you won't be eating much today. Just make sure that anything that you do eat is healthy as it will speed up your recovery. Get well soon x


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Yoghurt, soup and milky drinks will be easier for you to swallow, but do try to drink as much fluid as you can, and gargle with TCP or even just salt water if you have nothing else, I hope you will feel better very soon.


I will do this!!!
thanks guys :) all i want to do is curl up in bed!


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Hope you'll get better soon. Sucks to be ill. x :O)


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Same here, I've been off work since Wednesday with some sort of cold virus thing and it's lousy. Unfortunately I haven't lost much of my appetite and think I have been going over syns due to drinking so much tea (I have milk in my tea).

I'm going to make a chicken salad in a while and try to find a recipe for some SW-friendly salad dressing. At least it's something you can pick at and come back to later if you can't finish it. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for all us invalids x


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for all those who are not well
sending some lovely hot sunshine
get better soon