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I'm a muppet!

Oh God- have gone so completely off track, and feeling really sh*t about it. I am such a loser! Had one bad day and that's it - a whole week's worth of junk etc. Have managed to put on at least four pounds, and have gone from feeling slightly better looking and more confident to feeling worse than before. Blue. Blue. Blue.

Anyway, hopefully back on track today. Have given myself a firm talking to and, apart from the occasional lapse (bite of my daughter's rusk etc) I have been pretty good today. I am only going to weigh myself once a week, and have set a target of making the full stone by November 22nd, which is my friend's 40th, and the first chance to show off my weight loss (what there is of it!). I saw my beloved (pah!) mother in law at the weekend, and she made some comment about me hoping to fit into a size 14 for the party, and then laughed in a "you wish" way. Gggrrrr! I'd sure love to stick my size 14 fingers up at her at the party! Although, clearly that's not going to happen. I won't see her till Christmas after that though, so it'd be nice to have her kiss my feet then! That can be my next mini target - stick it up MIL's jacksy!!!

Just as an aside - I made cous cous cake today and thought I'dbe clever and turn it into syrup sponge. So I put two tbsps in the bottom of the dish, then cooked the cake. Kind of worked - but didn't have any muller lights. I think with a toffee ml, it could be great - and a fairly nice way of having 4 syns. Good for Sunday dinner me thinks! I have eaten 2/3 of it though...does this matter? Is it okay to eat the whole thing in one day?

Well, I hope you're all okay. Have other people who were struggling last week managed to re-focus? Any good tips?

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I had a crap week last week but still managed to actually lose weight (I know I'm a jammy *****), but I'm back on track now, just about. Sometimes you lose it for a while but you just have to draw a line under it. I've yoyo'd for years now and I'm determined this time that I will not go and regain all the weight I've lost. Even if I sts for a while that's better than putting it all back on again.
I know, you're right, but my commitment yo-yoing is very annoying! I feel like, if I want this so much (and I really do) why can't I retain focus. Very frustrated with myself!!!


I ate my willpower!
I know exactly how you feel Katherine. I have started off so well. All I needed was to lose 0.5lbs this week to get to my 1 and 1/2 stone target. And what do I do? Put on 1.5lbs!

I went to the theatre on Wednesday and had dinner out. I could have been good, but didn't. I keep making these excuses in my head that it will be ok, etc. Then on Sat we took the kids to Drayton Manor. The weather was awful and we ended up eating out again. I was naughty then too.

Then on Sunday I just ate what I wanted, but I wasn't that bad. It seems that whenever I eat something that isn't part of the plan, or I go over my syns a little, I put the weight on straight away. My mate, on the other hand, has been pretty much eating and drinking whatever she likes and has still lost!

So last night I gave myself a real talking to and I am now going to be 100% focused. If I hadn't cheated those times then I could be near my 2 stone by now. So no more faffing around! I am going to lose this weight and keep it off.

Hopefully you are in the "zone" now, and good luck for this week!


want to be me again ...
come on ladies !! we can do this ....
draw that line and make a nice hot soup sit by the fire and enjoy ...mr beans says lots of cuddles and 'exercise ' is good for me soo.. who am i to argue lol
keep smiling xxx
Think about those words.. cheating.. naughty.. thats why we do it.. cos its a little bit saucy to do it.. When I tell myself its fine and that this is for life I tend not to over do it.. Like today.. went out with other half and he wanted maccy d's so I thought oh well I will join you its fine.. I had a very small chicken wrap thing.. not the wisest of choices agreed but hey it could have been a big mac fries, mcflurry and a milkshake. If I had told myself.. Im being naughty then that is what I more than likely ordered.. strange but true...

Your mind is a curious thing and sometimes you have to outsmart yourself. Yes we will all have moments .. but do we really want these moments to take over everything else..

Be smart .. make wise choices.. and if you dont you havent cheated.. or been naughty .. or even failed.. you have just made choices!


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as has already been mentioned this is not a short term fix - this is a way of life, we are all not perfect in our choices whether they be food or otherwise. What we can do is do the very best that we can at any given time - move on from anything that we feel has not been right for us, learn from it and do better next time. Take each day as a fresh start, not worry too much about yesterday and tomorrow will come around soon enough for us to think about - small steps leads eventually to the end of the journey, does it really matter how long it takes as long as you are happy and content that you are doing your best?


want to be me again ...
well said Lind ...life is too short and we got to live and be happy ..this way of eating has got to be natural and enjoyed , and if we sometimes slip off thats not to say we are failing ..just we are human ...
keep smiling xxxxxx
come on ladies !! we can do this ....
draw that line and make a nice hot soup sit by the fire and enjoy ...mr beans says lots of cuddles and 'exercise ' is good for me soo.. who am i to argue lol
keep smiling xxx
You mean Sexercise???? That's my hubby's only vague commitment to my slimming!!!! Tee hee.
The advice from Lindam about moving on is well worth living by in all areas of life, eh? I love this site!
Subtlety isn't one of my strengths!!! Ha!

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