Im a newbie too-help what diets best!!


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Hi All!

First time here, well its the first time iv joined, i was looking at the site quite a bit last year to help me with my S/W diet! Iv joined this type, need the support to keep going. I gave up on s/w after i started to put the weight back on, and got bored of it after getting to a certain weight and not being able to shift anymore, no matter what i was doing! Was thinking of doing calorie counting again since i lost a bit a few years ago on it, or weigh watchers since iv noticed they have quite a few food options on that diet now. Dont know whats best but really need to decide and stick to it! Help everyone, let me know what uz thinks best!!xx
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Hi and welcome. Do you need to go to a class? If so which ones are near you and at convenient days and times. Have a look at the websites of all the well-known diets and look at the sections on here to see how members find the diet.

Good luck
Irene xx


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Thanks, no iv never gone to a class! Not something to be honest that has ever appealed to me, iv always just gone it alone. I do exercise quite a bit a week too, 4 classes and gym. Im just finding it really hard to motivate myself this time round (i blame january) and im just struggling on what to decide between the two diets. Calorie counting or weight watchers. x


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I havent but i think i might. I got all the S/W books last time which were a big help! So think i might do the same. Im gonna have a good think this week. Cutting down to lose some weight (hopfully) this week anyway, bit of a detox then hopefully will have made my mind up what im doing! Thank x


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Hey and good luck with your weight loss :) xx