im a newbie


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hi guys
i thought it was just me,why i could not get into diff forums.
i started LT 3 years ago (exactly)but after i lost 2 stones it may only been coincidently but in the march i had a virus which lasted 3 weeks, i was advised by my gp to stop the LT for a couple of weeks which i did.but when i started the LT again i struggled to lose a few pounds in a month.then once again i had a another cold but this time because i was feeling very low and fed up i stopped the LT altogether.
anyway now i am just waiting to hear from my gp to see if he will give permission for me to start son is getting married in august this year so im really motivated and since finding this site i know i will be going all the way this time with your support.
i have got 1 foreseeable problem in that in 6 weeks time i will be taking my 2 grandchildren away for 5 days at butlins (on my own)1 will be 23 months old and the other will be 9 1/4 yrs old.we have booked in for breakfast and dinner,i would appreciate any advice how i can overcome this.the only way i think is for me to delay the starting date till we get back,which i do not want as i have 9stones to lose and has the wedding is only 7 months away i want to lose has much as possiable so i feel good about myself on the day.sorry if this is to long but i do need your advice and friendship.
love to you all and thanks for reading this.
jean x
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Hi Spot
Hope you can get to start you will feel fabulous at the wedding if you do. If you stick to it 100% there is no reason why you wont shift all of it. If I was you I wouldn't wait for 6 weeks you could have lost maybe 2 stone by then. If you don't feel strong enough to go away without eating you could always refeed for your hols and get straight back on it. Good luck with your decision xx


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Hi spottitchsam,

Welcome to MiniMins and best of luck with restarting Lipotrim, having your son's wedding in August is a great motivator.

All I know from my own experience is that if you get back on Lipotrim and you find you are doing well it is best not to break it as it is so hard I have found to get back in on it again.

Or if you feel you must break the diet for your holiday refeed the week before to reduce the risk of regaining the weight you have lost and to prevent the carb monster being unleashed.

Click on the link below and it will help you make your way around and if you need any help please ask.


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Hiya Welcome!!!!

I dont see why you shouldnt start now - 6 weeks is a long time and you could easily lose 2 stone and probably more besides in that time!

Personally, I wouldnt eat whilst on holiday. A lot of people have kept on with their shakes whilst on holiday and they have been rewarded afterwards with great losses; probably because they have been more active.

I had to refeed for my holiday last year, and after the holiday came back on LT, but lasted just around a week because my head just wasnt there! It is very difficult to get back in again once you have refed, etc.

Although, in saying that, I know people have refed, ate sensibly over Christmas, and had a very small gain and got back on.

Really all depends on the person, their motivation, etc, etc...

You decide what you think is best for you, but whatever you decide you will find support on here!


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hey spot welcome aboard,,youll get all the support you need here. i agree with everything thats been said. the best thing i think is to start now, theres no time like the present and if you were able to come on here and make the first step in asking for our support and advice then you are well in the right mindframe...
when on holiday i would stay stick to the shakes, it may seem hard now to think of it but i will be worth it in the long run. with small children you will be so so busy anyway. just make sure that for breakfast and dinner you have your water and a cup of tea or something. you can do it!!!


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Hi Spot and Welcome. Along with all the advice above here is another one for you - Do the full TFR diet ie 3 shakes a day until your holiday and then whilst away maybe have 2 shakes and low fat high protein meal whilst you are away. That way you will lose loads of weight before you go away, have a little bit of control whilst you are away and then it might be easier to come back to 3 shakes a day when you are back from your hols.

Whatever you decide to do - welcome aboard the LT train and the new slimmer you :D
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Welcome and I hope you get on track and look super sexy for this wedding!!!

Im sure when the time for butlins comes about you will know what is best for you to do at the time, and you may not want to eat and be very happy in ketosis. I wouldnt worry too much about that now!

Good luck xoxoxoxo


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Hi Jean
I'd definitely start now. You'll have lost loads of weight by the time you go on holiday and hopefully will feel motivated to stay on it during your hols. I'd try to avoid coming off and going back on if you can. Refeeding properly is very important if the weight is to stay off permanently and takes time. Hopefully you have a good and supportive pharmacist who will help you through it when the time comes. Mine recommends a 12 week course and I have a friend who is currently refeeding and she says it is not as easy as you might think.
Focus on the wedding in August as your date to be on an even keel. That will give you a good 5 months or so during which you could have lost 5 or more stones!! Enjoy your time with the kids at Butlins - you don't need to eat and drink yourself to have fun.

Good luck



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Hiya and welcome aboard

I would start now but not come off for your holiday if i were you..

You said yourself after you came off it last time you struggled and barely lost a few pounds in a month!

By the 6 weeks you will be completely into the swing of things and will probably find your holiday easy!


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i wouldnt come off it for hols speaking from experience, and if your head is in the right place i'd def start it now, hopefully the weight u will have lost will motivate u not to eat on hols

best of luck with what ever u decide :)

mrs bee

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Yeah ditto others, please don't come off for your holiday, I did before and never really got back on the diet seriously!
Whenever I have been tempted this time around (as I was today) I really think, is it worth it? or How bad I'd feel if I wasted the last 4 days!!
Good luck, you'll be looking fab at the wedding I bet xx


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thanks to all you guys,mixed replies but ive made my mind not going to refeed while im on hols as some of you have mentioned i came off for a few weeks last time and when i started again i struggled to lose a few lbs and then i gave up.
as ive got the wedding to look forward to im raring to go.
hope you are all well.

irish molly

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Have to agree with the suggestions to start now and stay on tfr whilst away.
It is easier than you think. Let the hotel know you are on a special diet. They will mix your shake for you and give you sparkling water/coffee/herbal teas instead of your paid up meal. Your grankids will enjoy it and you will be partaking by being with them and having your shakes.
I went away and took the flapjacks with me and had them with coffee/sparkling water. I did not feel aout of place at all.
Start and stick with it till the wedding!!!!