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Im a regular user, but i have a secret....

I am a regular user of a number of years.

I am not ready to tell you all yet so have joined as a myster user.

Im pregnant! Only between 4-6 weeks.

Alot of you know how much it means to me to lose weight but now i am pregnant i need lots of advice on if i can seriously carry on with the slimming world diet.

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Oh oh oh I have an idea who you might be!!! (but not saying a word in case i'm wrong & don't want the other lady upset - if that makes sence!!)


Second - have you had a peek at the pregnacy section, you will probably find loads of info on how the pregnant ladies cope with pregnancy & SW x


I see the light!
wowwwwwwwww congratulations!!!!!

have no advise on sw during pregnancy, but surely it can't be bad as its mainly healthy eating?? am sure others have more firm info regarding following sw during pregnancy.


loads of love and best wishes for a happy and healthy next 8ish months!!!

Helen xxxx
Huge congratulations!!. I think I have an inkling who you might be too ;) and if you want to PM me to have someone to talk to in the early days, then please do.

I am currently 26+ pregnant and so far have only gained 5 pounds. I just find loosely sticking to the plan has really helped, there are days when I have had a few things over what I should, because I get so ravenous, but I try to pick healthier choices now, instead of the junk I would of picked when I was pregnant with my son.

I have a food diary in the food diary section and so does Honeyoc and I think some other pregnant members.

The pregnancy thread is a good one too.

Good luck, you can do it.


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Congratulations :D

as for sticking to SW - it's all about keeping your head in the right place. Which is something I've been struggling with since I found out I'm pregnant.
Just try to stick to SW as much as you can - know that you will in all likelyhood put on weight towards the end of the pregnancy but if you are still eating SW based then you should find that once you've had baby you will lose most of it then.
Basically like britmum says try and stick to it - but if you find you really have to have something then try and make healthier choices.

Good luck for your pregnancy and slimming journey :)
Huge congrats!! How exciting!!!
There is a pregnant lady at my group, i think she just has extra healthy extras. And she has to syn according to her midwife to get the good fats! As said before healthy eating is the best thing anyway so it wont hurt the baby at all !
Huge congrats again!!
Yep, its better than any of the other diets!
I'm jealous of BritMumInCanada for putting 5lbs on and being pregnant! I've put 5lbs on (on hormone therapy) but according to my consultant I should be loosing! :(
wow congratulations - that is amazing news.

Congratulations xxxx
Congrats! I found it hard to stick too but I was quite sick throughout my pregnancy and now I've rejoined now that I had my bubs. Who are you? OooOoo
Congratulations to you, Brit Mum and Rosiepeace! So pleased for you all..........my daughter just told me last week that she too is expecting!!

We had lady at our group who was expecting and she too followed the plan and the only weight she put on was weight of the baby (bouncing baby boy) plus 4 pounds. Our group leader seemed to help keep her on track so I assume, like diabetics, they make allowances for pregnancy. Best to ask your group leader.
You need to make sure you get all the right nutriants and what not..I've heard dieting while pregnant wont physically harm the baby..but it is linked to behavioral problems and may even lower the childs IQ...

Good luck with everything. x


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Congratulations mystery lady!! And I think you have to get the all clear from your midwife, but other than that SW is one of the best healthy eating plans you can follow!! Maybe you should have a word with Fern, she's recently announced her pregnancy!

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