im a sad Harry potter Fan....


biker babe! 'one of those'.
I LOVE to read and you cant get much better than Harry Potter. Its FAB!
Any other Potter fans out there?
I wonder how big the next book is going to be? 7 year olds reading 1000 page manuscripts...

Wonder if it will ever be regarded as one of the greats like Catcher in the Rye, I am David(which i totaly hated) and lord of the flies..

Ive got a feeling that this book isnt going to be as long. Cant wait to find out though! Ill be one of those sad people queing outside Ottakars at midnight on launch day!!
I really dont know if it will be a 'classic' all of the others you mentioned are just one offs and not a series ( please correct me if im wrong) I also think at the moment there is too much opposition to the whole storyline ie witchcraft, some of the children dying ( in book 7) . However in 10 or 20 years time i think it will be regarded as the book that got a whole generation of children, and adults, reading for pleasure. I really do think that the 'phenomenon' which is Harry Potter will NEVER be forgotten. And personally i think they are so special, magical and VERY clever they should, and will go down in history

I am a harry potter fan too but still think it's not the best written books in the world it just has an overall pull I love.
I recently read the Phillip Pullman northern lights trilogy and they were fab
Massive Harry Potter fan over here too!!! Took my nephew down to Kings Cross station a couple of years ago to see the Hogwarts platform with the trolley stuck in the wall!!! :D
We all love Harry Potter too, for the last launch we were all there at midnight drinking 'witches brew' in Ottakers, dressed as witches or wizards, we dragged the kids along too:D

DD is very lucky, she had a full set of signed, dedicated books sent along with a handwritten personal letter from JKR. We had a nasty car crash while driving to a signing that we'd been fortunate enough to get golden tickets for, obviously we didn't make it to the signing but the police officer who attended the accident wrote to the publisher to tell them about our accident. Lo and behold, all these books turned up:D Also had tickets sent for Albert Hall book reading that she did, I had to work but DD, DS & DH went, they even had a private box!!

I'm also a big Harry Potter fan - cannot wait for the next book. Will be there for the next midnight release!!!!

Like Bellybee I don't think they are amazingly well written (I've got a English degree and I am such a book snob!) but I love them all nevertheless!:D

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hehe just booked my tickets for wednesday at the imax omg i could pee myself!
I loved the books, but the films seem to be losing their touch now.
The latest film was a bit disappointing in my opinion.
films just never do books justice think i would have loved the film if i hadnt re-read all the books
i know i should get a life!
I love Harry Potter. I have been reading the books for 10 years, and I was always in the queue for the midnight release of the books. I love the films too, but I like to treat them as a totally separate entity to the books.

I really enjoyed HBP (the movie), and have seen it a few times now. The first time we saw it, the film cut out at a very climactic moment near the end of the film. It kind of spoilt the ending. But when I went back to see it, I loved it. The last film(s) will be tough with all the deaths! When Snape cops it....I don't know what I will do!!
Stands, shuffles feet, coughs nervously looks ground ward and blurts...........My name is Karl and I'm a Harry Potter fan :eek:
Stands, shuffles feet, coughs nervously looks ground ward and blurts...........My name is Karl and I'm a Harry Potter fan :eek:

It's the first step!