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I'm a SIZE 10 - First time ever!!!

Am soooo happy, haven't been this size since I was at school, more years ago than I care to admit to...

Saturday I was clearing out all my 'fat' clothes and came across a size 12 I had forgotten about - tried it on - too big!! So I raced out into town and tried on the first size 10 I could find and (insert drum-roll ) it fits!!! I was jumping up and down in the changing room wishing I was at home so I could scream without everyone thinking there was some crazy woman in the shop.

On a more sour note, when I entered the shop I ran into my CDC and told her I was looking for size 10's. She was happy for me and turned to her husband and said 'you should have seen this one before, she was blown up like a balloon'. Am I right to be offended? Truth be told I was overweight - that's why I went to her in the first place. But should she be talking about me like that? Am I being too sensitive?

I don't know what to do now, I'm just under 10lbs away from target and don't really want to move counsellors but again I'm not sure I can trust her after she spoke about like that. Any advice please?
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Wow thats fantastic.


Size 10 hey!! thats fantastic..... you must be so proud of yourself.. It really is an amazing feeling when you get into a smaller size and you feel good especially a size 10.. I dont know what I will do if I get into a size 10 bottoms!!!

I think rise above what your councellor said, although it didnt come accross as nice she may have said it in a way to make you feel good like look at you now . you have done so well but perhaps it didnt come out how she meant it to.

Stick with her you are so near goal its not worth changing now.

Your doing fab keep smiling as you are wearing a SIZE 10!!!!!!


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Hey. Firstly CONGRATS!! I'm trying to get back down to a 10 and know how over the moon I would be! That's so brilliant for you, you should be so proud :)

As for your CDc, you have to think about how she's been the rest of the 14 weeks of you - supportive and kind, always made you feel like she was there for you? If so, I think the benefit of the doubt is in order for all the rest she has done for you, and you could probably accept she didn't mean it and was just joking (although maybe it came out a bit wrong on her side). Or was trying to find a way of saying "look how different you looked than before!", it just came out wrong.
Or has she Not been helpful etc / has she said something like this before? If so then she may have been just saying something cruel, which is unacceptable and you have every right to change your CDc. As you said though, there isn't long to go now so it is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to do that.

Good luck, and congrats once again!! :) xxx
Thanks guys. I was totally taken about by being in a size 10 already - it was my goal but I thought I had a few more lbs and a bit of toning to do before I got there.

I think you're right about my counsellor, she has been totally supportive and very good to me throughout. Maybe I should give her the benefit of the doubt and take it as a 'look how far you've come' comment instead of looking at the negative.

Thanks again. I don't post often but when I do someone is always there!


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I think your right, leave it at that. Maybe she walked away saying...oh dear I think that came out wrong, or her husband told her it was a bit rude!

Who really cares anyway.....your a size 10!!!!! Well well well done.

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That was very insensitive and unprofessional. She shouldn't talk to any of her clients like that nevermind out in public and to her husband. It should be confidential I'm sure. However as others have said.....wwwwwoooooooo hhhoooooooooo you're a size 10......
that is brilliant. You're a whole new person now and you can start to leave all that negative stuff behind you . well done xxx


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Well done on the size 10's hun! That is an amazing achievement!

Personally, i would just see the cdc's comment as an off the wall comment! You will be fab advertising for her so she wouldnt have said it to intentionally hurt you, and i would imagine that she would be just as mortified to know she hurt you!
I usually take the micky out of myself where my weight is concerned, so i would expect someone to say that about me! :)

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