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  1. Cahrlierogers

    Cahrlierogers Well-Known Member

    I bought some flakes today for a 135 kcal choco fix I havr just sat and ate them all y do I do this
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  3. shazza87

    shazza87 Well-Known Member

    i've been 2 docs twice now about sugar addiction. Load of crap- he just said o its becoming more common this fad ! Here's a number for a dietitian but doubt they'd be able to do anything. I wrote down symptoms, come downs but didn't tell him what "drug" i was on, he seemed worried, till i told him it was sugar and he may as well of laughed. If you tell people they just think your a pig who can't stop eating. So sorry can't help you, but can totally relate to you. Even asked a specialist service to help and seems because i'm not "obese" they cant do anything.
  4. SlimMeDown

    SlimMeDown Well-Known Member

    I do the same! The only thing that would stop me binging is to stop buying them - I can't limit myself. Don't buy them - if you don't buy them or have any in, you can't eat them and won't feel the guilt. It's frustrating when it's all you want but you feel better about yourself the next day :)
  5. maddyshambles

    maddyshambles Member

    Good luck I always cut sugar out then get sucked right back in :(
  6. MissieCB

    MissieCB Well-Known Member

    omg.............cant believe it though it was only me thats addictied to sugar.........i have it really bad though!!! As in make a coffee with to tablespoons of sugar!!!
  7. BinkyBonk

    BinkyBonk Well-Known Member

    Sugar is a problem for me too, I find it difficult to go a day without a can of coca cola =(

    Wish i knew how to stop x
  8. MissieCB

    MissieCB Well-Known Member

    i know it take over big time.....i keep meaning too but just keeps happening and sweetner doesnt cut it what so ever!
  9. BinkyBonk

    BinkyBonk Well-Known Member

    I have never tried sweetener, is it worth trying as a substitute to try and stop, did it help at all? x
  10. shazza87

    shazza87 Well-Known Member

    nothing works for me- apart from sugar, lol. I try not to buy it in. Then i get a hugeeee come down. Moody, irritable, headache, shaky. I HAVE to have it. I will resort to eating kids vitamins as they taste sweet, lol today is a start of a new "diet" - yet again- altho i have already had to big bars choc and 1/2 pack biscuits. But then i went to gym and got it in my head i'm determined to start again (till tonight when there's choc about and i stuff my face-yet again) I've given up smoking, had come down's from drugs (back in my youth!) and coming of choc is just as hard as any of these, if not more as its easy accessible and you can buy a big bar of own brand choc for 30p- 3 big bars for less than a quid!!! bargain.
  11. BinkyBonk

    BinkyBonk Well-Known Member

    I agree basic brands and constant brand offers on snacks make it much more tempting. Especially when the price of fruit, veg and meat keeps increasing, being healthy is so much more expensive.

    My shopping basket is always 90% healthy, my dinners normally contain my five a day in one meal and more so now i am making an effort to make half the plate salad or veg to try and shrink my portion sizes. But... i always have a pack of Coca-Cola cans in my basket and I drink as many as two a day.

    The problem occurs when i try not to buy the coca cola and end up walking to the shop in the evening because i 'have to have one' and this is when i buy a big bar of crisps or chocolate and me and the bf end up eating them all in one sitting that evening. So i now buy the coke and am going to cut down to one can hopefully next week and then every other etc until i can stop.

    I managed to do this two months ago and went nearly a month without any but due to personal circumstances i started again =(

    Today I have had a small portion of lasagne left from last nights dinner (because i had a salad first I only had half my usual amount). I have had a Nakd bar and am currently having my first can of coke =(

    Have you tried to make a batch of flapjacks that will tackle the sugar craving but can be made with lots of oats and dried fruit to make them healthier than a bar of chocolate but sweet enough by including honey or syrup and drizzling with chocolate/ adding chocolate chips? x
  12. MissieCB

    MissieCB Well-Known Member

    Omg so released it's not just me with sugar issues it's like a drug and sure the reason I don't loose weight x
  13. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Well-Known Member

    Oh I'm so glad it's not just me!
    Have tried time and again to quit, but I get wicked migraines and am a right stroppy cow so I end up giving in. I've had hubby hide it and I've actually gone climbing to find it (I'm a shortie) and could have easily fallen and broken something but logic goes out the window.
    I'll decide "tomorrow" I will have no sugar so I will eat it all tonight (muffins/biscuits/chocolates) only to end up at the shop (or send hubby) the next day and around and around we go...
    It's got to the point where I don't even distinguish what it is I want, just sugar so off hubby goes I just give him a set amount of money and say whatever's on offer for say a fiver. He can come back with loads! No way would you get that with good food/snacks! It cost that for some apples and a small bag of nuts last week!
  14. MissieCB

    MissieCB Well-Known Member

    Im not too bad with snacks and stuff its just the actual sugar in coffee and tea!!!!! Im resisting right now and going to try and have a green tea with sweetners its supposed to be nice!! UMmmmm we will see lol!!!!

    Its so addictive and bad for you teeth but just cant stop. Are you currently dieting now? What are you doing plan wise.......I started on Cambridge but its killing me off! Although the shakes and bars etc are really sweet so its definately not too bad.
  15. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Well-Known Member

    I've just got the Michael Mosley fast book from the library and going to try to try and combine that with just eating when I'm hungry. As soon as you tell me I can't have something it's all I want even I don't usually like it! Ridiculous!
    I have looked at the VLCD's as I think just getting away from food might be good but it's so expensive for what it is and have seen a few people do it be miserable and then regain it all (that doesn't mean to say everyone though! If it works for you then fab :) ) x
  16. diviajar

    diviajar Well-Known Member

    It's me with chocolates. I can not eat them. But if I have one, I'll finish the box!
  17. BinkyBonk

    BinkyBonk Well-Known Member

    I am going to try and not have any coca-cola, not sure how long it will last =S

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