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Im afraid its not working?

Im on day 3 today, and although a few times when family has been eating and stuff i felt like i would love some, i havent felt hungry at all since starting, i havent felt sick or anthing. The pharmacist said on day 3 i will feel terrible but i really don't, so now im scared its not working :( like ive ate something wrong or something?
I had chilli and garlic flake things in my soup last night? but i read it on here that other people have used this.
Im still drinking my water :(
I just hope this works but i reallly really dont feel like it is.
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on the up lol
missy u be fine ,
i sailed through first 5 days
6th day omg i think me body went in to shock, u might just be a lucky one coping better then others ;)
Dont think its not working because you arent plagued by sufferng lol, rejoice your coping better than expected and should be feeling great. Are you a bread, coffee and sugar addict?
I love my beans on toast :D never really been a sugar person. I'd just be so disapointed if i went to wi and lost like 1lb or something.


Glug Glug Glug
Hello Missy

Im on day 3 aswell.
I havent felt "hungry" but i have wanted to eat.

Im sure it is working but i can totally sympathize with you.
Im a paranoid bum aswell, mainly because ive been on so many diets and im used to them not working for me.

Just wait for your first weigh in and see how it goes. Im sure youll have lost some weight.

Hold on!
You wont loose a 1lb hun, youll be surprised. Iposted the exact same thing cos I didnt feel any of the side effects at all in the first wk. Its all in ur head and the scales will prove this diet does work!!!! Just hang on in there till ur weigh in and fall over like I did! Just enjoy not having any of the side effects chick and keep at it, itll all be worth it xxx
Well i reckon that you didnt have too much crap in your system to get rid of hence no horrible symptoms, so WOO HOOO for you!! Ive not beeen too bad myself as i gave up fizzy juice and bread the week before. Still im always tempted to lick my sons soldiers and egg.(mmmmmmm *
Hello missy, believe me it will be working. I was told about feeling horrible on day three and felt fantastic, I was a cleaning freak that day and I was so smug, thinking this is a piece of cake I feel great.

Then on day 5 like sheep, I was really yacky all day, feeling sick, headache and freezing cold, but it passes. I was ready to give up if this was how I was going to feel on the diet, however, its just the detox bit. So hang on in there if you dont get any then enjoy it, if you do, just ride it out it is worth it.

Just wait until you get on the scales on day 7, all the proof you need, take care and keep us posted. x
It cant do anything but work pet as long as you stick 100%, we all deal with LT differently as we all lose differently. Dont worry yourself.

My week consisted of a couple of days feeling mentally sound then a few days of feeling fat then a couple of days feeling slim. Remember
..........its just a mind game and you shall win! x


Eloquent hooligan
I love my beans on toast :D never really been a sugar person. I'd just be so disapointed if i went to wi and lost like 1lb or something.
You'd be surprised how much sugar is in baked beans... :eek:

I LOVE baked beans on toast :D

Here's my posh recipe... lol possibly not ideal for you right now so apologies...

For those that DO want to look swipe the invisible ink text below :)

Heinz baked beans (no others come close)... fierce boil them & then reduce right down to simmer away & sweat off the excess water from the sauce (lol love stodgy beans)... add a knob of lurpack, a couple of turns of cracked black pepper, add either Worcs Sauce or tabasco sauce for preference at the time.

Toast 4 slices of thick granary bread.... scoff one slice laden with lurpack while the beans are still simmering... butter the other 3 slices.... cut one slice into triangle halfs & arrange all toast on the plate so it all fits neatly....

Pour over beans & enjoy :D
im sure it is i was told day 3 i would feel crap but i didnt i have been really lucky and felt great so far x
lol loving the beans reciepe, maybe 6 months down the line :)

i kinda wish i felt just a little tiny bit bad so i def knew it was making some sort of difference. It costs 45 pound here in belfast and im a poor student, I'd be too embarresed to go bk to wi then say i didnt wanna pay for it anymore, so a little pain would convince me this week that it wasnt a waste of money.
although from wat u's r saying im sure it is working :) im off to work at 1, so i'll have a sneeky peek at the scales there xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
It will work missy3 - I felt fine my first 3 days also - infact on day 4 I had the biggest fat day of my life - I got weighed on day 5 and I had lost 7 pounds! Weirdness - it works - dont fret - just accept it and away u goooo! xox
Oh stick with it hon it is working, just your body getting used to the new diet thats all. We have all been there, but as Gary said its a mind game... you know you can beat it!!!

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