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I'm an UDER!!!

Hey Guys,

Well - so much for my grand plan!! Was planning to CD the first stone off and UDER the last stone to a stone and a half off but guess what ...... I can't do CD anymore. Got 4 days into it and couldn't face another shake or day without eating. I'm a real foodie and the more I tried to focus on just having my shakes, the more and more I wanted food. So having had nearly 2 weeks off CD (and guess what gaining all 5 lbs back :() I'm starting TUD tomorrow. Would have been today, but my starter pack was sent to my house 'signed for' on Saturday and I was being a dirty stop out when postie arrived. So gotta drive to the other side of town tonight to collect it and prepare for tomorrow!!

I'm rather excited - not looking at it as a diet, more a way of keeping check on the amount of fat I eat. Hopefully this reverse pyschology will help me stick to it!!

You guys are all doing really well - loving your diaries and already pinched some meal ideas!!! Can't wait to get started!!

Quick question - the e directory says special K original is free for a 40g bowl. If I had say 60g do I have to count it as units or is it still free??

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YAY another TUDer!! Hello:wavey:

As far as i'm aware free foods can be eaten 'freely' until you feel comfortabley full. If not this is where i'm going wrong!!! :D

I'm sure you'll love the diet - give us a shout if you need anything. x
Yay nice to have you with us. Yes you can have as much cereal as you need but 40g is a normal portion so if you dont loose in the future keep an eye on those I have been a bit off plan for well a week now Going to WI at ww tomorrow as I need the scales but I have not lost anything then I will try and be a good girl as well i love the plan just need to get my act together xx
Morning Girlies,

Well it's day 1 and I'm rather excited about being an UDER!! :)
Read through all my bumpf last night and have the following food planned for today:

Breakfast: Strawberries and Special K, skimmed milk with cereal & in tea/coffee (0)

Lunch: 5 rye crispbread (ryvita) (0.5) with 1/2 tub cottage cheese (less than 2% fat) (0.5), 2 slices ham (0.5), pineapple (0) (1.5)

Dinner: Spag bol made with beef (allowing 4 for meat as haven't weighed it it's lean beef steak I intend to mince), fry-light (0.5) passata, mushrooms, onions, garlic, herbs (0), brown spaghetti pasta (0.5) (5)

Going to try and stick to 6 units per day Sunday-Thursday and 20 units Friday and Saturday as boyfie does like to eat out at weekends and indulge in the odd takeaway!!

You guys have a great day - be good ;) and count those units honestly :D!!

OMG .... how full am I ??!!!

Just finished my lunch and couldn't manage all 5 ryvita ... only managed to get through 3.5 but ate all my protein :D. Here's hoping that'll keep the fridge pickers away until dinner time!!!

My assistant laughed at me when she saw my lunch and exclaimed 'I thought you were on a diet'!!! I did have to point out that the mountain of cottage cheese, ham and pineapple was all very low fat and that I was spreading it on ryvitas (cardboard at it's best - LOL!) .... she still doesn't believe me!

Now I'm starting to wonder, will I really lose wight eating all this food?? Here's hoping :rolleyes:

How's everyone else getting on?? What's on everyone else's plate for lunch??
Hiya, after LL I find huge amounts of food a problem too! I had a Heinz Chicken and Leek Big Soup (2.5U) with a huge mixed salad and no unit home made coleslaw (cabbage/carrot/onion and salad cream)for lunch. I'm stuffed full too and can't quite believe I'll ever lose weight eating this much!



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Your menus sound great. I've been picking all day as i've been stuck in so have had a lot of free food today.
Lunch was a bacon sandwich - then later on a ham sandwich as i was still hungry. Had 2 bowls of cereal as well this morning. Think i may have worms! :D

Small adjustments to yesterdays menu as follows:

Speical K & skimmed milk

5 ryvitas (0.5), ham (0.5), cottage cheese, pineapple = 1

Rice krispies & skimmed milk

Spag bol - beef ground in food processor, onions, mushrooms, peppers (3.5), pasta (0.5), wine (2.0), sherbert dib-dab (0.5), skinny cow ice cream (0.5) = 7

Total units = 8

Today I am being super good, trying to save units as my sister is about to drop her first baby!! I'm sure there'll be loads of champagne when it finally pops outs (she's now a week over due!)

Today then as follows:

Melon, rice krispies & skimmed milk

Special K & skimmed milk

Strawberries, pineapple, 2 nectarines

Birds eye breaded lemon & black peper chicken thing (3) + salad + 2 x small chocolate mousse (1)

Total units = 4

Let's make Thursday a good day all round!!!

Have a good day

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