I'm at my heaviest EVER but the only way is down!


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Hi Yorkiegirl
Today is the last day of you being at your heaviest ..... as you say the only way is down!!!!

Take plenty of photos and measurements to compare when you need extra motivation.

Good luck!


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Hi Yorkiegirl
Well done for starting a VLCD - the most amazing way to lose weight ever!

Your progress will be amazing - the transformation astounding ... you won't regret your decision! :)


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Just got home from my first LL session. I am at my heaviest ever, which doesn't surprise me. Food has been such a crutch for me, so time to throw away the crutch and get on with my life!


Just read some of your blog and my god you have done so well to hang in there this last 12 months!!

I wish you a really good and prosperoud 2007 and hope you reach your weight loss goal and I am sure using this bonkers diet you will and anything any of us can do to help you need but ask.




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I just read your blog and my heart goes out to you. You are great to be embarking on this diet as well. Your girls are gorgeous. I had seen a photo of your quilt before on magicmum;. and its gorgeous.

Sending you cyber hugs tonight and best of luck with the vlcd......the first few days are the worst.




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I too ate for comfort, it became especially bad when my mum died nearly 8 years ago, she was the only person I could really talk to so I just sat and ate, anything and everything.
Well I am so fed up with sitting on the sidelines while my dh and ds`s have fun swimming and going on fair rides etc, I have put my foot down I want to live longer than my mum (age 51).

Im sure you will do fantastically with your weight loss, and I will be with you every step of the way..


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:) Hi there Yorkie,
I think you are amazing anyway doing this so soon after everything you've been through. It's a new year and it's best to just look to the future. Don't worry about being the heaviest ever. Now that you have decided to do this you won't be this weight for long.
If I ever need inspiration go to Icemoose's blog he's been on a long journey. Even though it was the Cambridge diet I think they are very similar. I think you may find it at MyLighterLife . Correct me if I'm wrong Icemoose.
Good luck!


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Good Luck Yorkie - come on here and post and post. It keeps your hands and your mind too busy for food!

Love Barb xx


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Hi Yorkie Girl,
Sometimes I mix half of the vegetable with the mushroom or chicken and add tobasco sauce. Yummy!!
Good Luck hun,


Hi Yorkiegirl,

You'll find this site a huge help.
How you are able to pick yourself up after the twelve months that you have just had leaves me completely humble. What an incredible woman you are!
Lighterlife as you already know is fast and the results are dramatic! It creates little washing-up and is easy on the kitchen! Just think of all that extra time you'll have to clear up after your beautiful girls!
All the best for the next few days - I can remember how it dragged at the start, but the finish line is well within my sights now. You'll be there before you know it.

Take care,


another yorkshire girl - and another teacher too!


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thanks for all the encouragement.
Yes it is true I have had a rough old year. My whole world fell apart, but now it is time for me to get things how I want them to be.
First of all it's LL, then tomorrow work is starting on my garden to make it more useable for my girls. Then in April I am having a loft extension. Once that is done I will have room for a craft room just for me. I am already finding crafting to be something to keep me going when in the past I would sit and eat for the sake of it in the evenings.


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oh great
someone left me an anonymous comment on my blog:

why don't you just try to eat healthily?

You don't look like you have that much weight to lose at all!

Surely this isn't the right example to set for your kids?????

:( Charming


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hi yorkie i feel your pain. started saturday past.
Wanna buddy up for emotional support?


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Just ignore people like that. It was probably left by someone who has never had a weight problem in their life so how would they possibly know how you feel.

I was told the same by a girl in our class (You dont look overweight!) I have 5 1/2 stone to loose so I know I am overweight.

And what sort of an example are we creating for our kids if we sit and stuff our faces. We are trying to encourage our kids to be fit and healthy and surely loosing the weight and been active and healthy is the best example you can set them for their journey into adulthood

I am on day 11 of lighterlife and so far I feel fantastic. My clothes are feeling loose and people have already commented on have I lost weight!

You go girl and ignore small minded people who really dont know what they are talking about


oh great
someone left me an anonymous comment on my blog:

why don't you just try to eat healthily?

You don't look like you have that much weight to lose at all!

Surely this isn't the right example to set for your kids?????

:( Charming