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Is Irrepressible!! : )
Hello there to all those that remember little me.... and hi to all the new starters- I hope you are coping well and lovin' the LT!

After many, many weeks away from home working up in the North I have returned to let you know how I have got on!

So, I finished LT four weeks before the 14hr working days began (which were really, really hard I can tell you!) at a rather respectable 9 stones 3lbs. Still not at my ultimate goal or anything, but still rather happy with it none the less. I betcha all wondering whether or not I have managed to maintain? TBH I didn't think I would (but that's the dangerous part isn't it- you soon start to get used to what you look like.....)
But I digress.. I have managed to maintain :wee: I was unable to keep up the water intake whilst away as it was really, really difficult to just pop to the loo when I had a floor of around 60 people to manage and I was on my own. I had to radio to get cover :eek:, so the 3lbs that I gained was just water weight and I managed to get rid of it a week after coming back! It was really difficult to eat sensibly up there. Have you noticed that restaurants don't really cater for the more healthy living among us? Hotels don't either (and although staying in a hotel for 5 weeks sounds glamorous- it really wasn't!) So, for some of the time I was eating absolute s***e and worrying myself to death over it. However, due to walking around for 14hrs a day seems to have made sure that the weight didn't go on..... and I had 3 occasions of drinking copious amounts of alcohol (again I felt guilty and worried, but there was no need to!)

Well, now I'm back to eating sensibly, not drinking and keeping up the exercise and I now know that the weight will not come back as long as I look after myself. Oh, and the maintenance products will be part of my diet for a long time to come. I don't know what I would have done without them, (I took 5 weeks supply! it was dead heavy!). I will put up some more recent pics at some point so you can all see that you can and will do it!

Good luck and love to you all! I wish you every success xxx :D
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Great post and really is great to have someone with a success story to keep us new people going! well done and looking forward to seeing the pics! :)

blue eyes

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You've done really well. Its good to hear from people who been there and done that and maintained! Strong willpower.XX


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Well done Medea!
those maintenance foods are tasty (well I only tried one) - good plan to keep using them


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Fantastic to see you back Medea!
great that you managed to maintain, even with the dreaded hotel food.
Very well done for not just slipping into old habits, or thinking "what the hell" and taking what's on offer. Respect to you!
The last bit will be easy now, and you deserve it for not caving in. xxxx


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Hello hunny and welcome back, gud to see the old familar names around here as well! Now all we need is "Blackrose" too, she hasnt been round in a while so im praying she is alright.

Well done ya for maintaining, cant wait to see your pictures as I am sure ya will look gorgeous so get them up there! Its always nice to see a happy ending and its what this forum needs as there is too much doom and gloom. Gud luck with your last hurdle and dont leave it as long to hear from ya :mad:


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You truely are an inspriation to us.....Love your post.

Thanks for the motivation today.x


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hey there, it was nice to read your post - and you had the same weight as i do starting...so you have really inspired me!


Is Irrepressible!! : )
Ah, bless you all. It is so nice to be back in the land of the living! It was my full intention to pop in now and then whilst I was away, but having no PC access was a nightmare! The only other option was to try and access via my mobile- which proved horrendous!

Well, I have just got back from the hairdressers and have joined the gym that they have upstairs! It costs 15 squids a month and has everything you would ever need, so I'm hoping that going there will shed the last few pounds. I have contemplated going back to LT for about a month to help me along, but I still haven't decided. I did speak with the pharmacist before I went away as I said that I knew I wouldn't be at my target. He said that he would have no problem in me re-starting if I wanted to as he understood my predicament. I think I will wait and see how the gym works out first and take it from there. I know that it will be harder this time around if I do get back on the wagon, but luckily I haven't reverted back to the old ways- so maybe it won't be so bad?!

Good luck to you all, this diet does work as long as you make it work! Stay positive and revel at your reflection week on week! Here's to you guys! :winner:


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Hi Medea, I remember you. Well done for maintaining!


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Welcome back hun, I've missed you while you've been away. Well done on maintaining, a fantastic achievement.

Keep in touch.