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Im back 😁

Hi everyone I'm back for some needed support at the moment I'm on ww I was doing so well until may 2017 I was on the way to ww when I had a car accident with a silly uninsured French driver so I couldn't go for weeks then I rejoned then it changed to flex 😧 so now I'm thinking about signing up for slimming world I would really appreciate all your help thankyou x
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Ouch, so sorry about your car accident. Hope you've recovered
If only I could find out my farther in law tryed to ask where his car was because I keep getting forms saying they need copys of the police report I sure would love to get my hands on him the day of the accident I had a go at him for being on the wrong side of the road but thinking he was insured I let up I do wish I took a pic of his number plate :mad: