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I'm back after rediscovering my life....me!

Hello Everybody!!:):)

I am restarting today, but not from the beginning! I have had a mad few months...as lots of the 'oldies' here know I left my marriage after ten years on the 4th July (Independence Day, no less!) due to my hubby's drink problem and bad attitude!!!

Anyway, I have a beautiful new home, two very happy kids, an ex who seems to be getting himself on the wagon, a sense of purpose and ambition, hope, a fabulous social life, family and friends....and seven gained pounds!!!!:D:(:eek:

I gave myself some time off to have some boozy/foody nights out, but the time to kick back into action is here and I am ready to LT again (some of you may think I'm an idiot to have taken a break and that second time around will be a hurdle, but I am determined!!!), I needed some time out and my LT head is back and ready to fight the flab!!

Glad to see that some oldies are still here...and I look forward to posting with all the newbies!!! And I hope that smut is still the order of the day?! If so, please make mine a very large portion!!!;):D

Lisa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Good luck, and well done for returning. I am sure even if it is 2nd time around, you will make it work! Its all down to positive mental attitude, and you obviously needed that break to be able to get back on track... Hope the LT train works wonders for your future, along with how bright it looks now, it will be great for your self esteem if you go and lose some more weight!...Then you will have an incredible body to join you on your wonderful nights out.!
I am pretty new around here, and only been on LT for 10 days, I've had my moans, but mostly am very self motivated, and happy to plod along and post on here, inspire and be inspired along with others. Once again, good luck!:)
Hiya, no i dont think your silly for takin a break im on one at the moment as i just cant do it any more i have been on it since feb and just need to get my head round it to be able to do it full on again so i just hope i can get back in the right frame of mind and really go for it very soon good luck with your new start and watch that weight come off !!!! x
gosh you have had some changes to your life and for the better it sounds you seem realy positive and upbeat i have been on here 7 weeks and its nice to meet you...jenni
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What an amazing attitude! So glad your life is on track and things are happy for you. Keep that LT head and keep the smut alive! ALIVE I TELL YOU! :D :D
Thanks Everybody, t'is great to be back!!
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t'is great to have you here, call in for a cup of tea won't you? :D
welcome bk hun, been quiet with out ya :D
Good luck on LT, im sure u will do great :party0023:
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Welcome back Lisa, I've missed your smut!!!! Lol!!!

I am so pleased to hear your life is on the up and I think you have done fantastically for only putting on 7lbs. You'll soon lose those and more.

Good luck babe, good to have you back - now we just have to find out how Hourglass is!



Is Irrepressible!! : )
Welcome back!

It sounds as though you have had a well deserved break and I am glad you have got things in order and your life is the way you want it to be xx

Good luck with the forth coming weeks, you deserve it! :)


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This might sound a bit silly but......I am Sooooo proud of you! You are a mega strong, independent woman! Well done you! Well done on having the courage to fight for your happiness and for your childrens' happiness!

I have absolutely NO doubt that you will now kick the rest of the weight in the ass and continue on this AMAZING journey to the new happy you!

Go Girl!


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PS We have been lacking some serious smut around here so welcome back!
Oooh, you've all warmed my cockles!!!



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Hi welcome back and am loving that strong woman breaking free :d Am going to be watching your posts as I am planning my weght loss in 3 phases.
Thank You LT'ers!!

Day One of Phase Two is going well, t'is like riding a bike! I am knitting, websurfing and keeping my hands very busy.......;):D

Well the smut has to start somewhere!:D
Hey up Floppybelly you sound much happier now, good luck pet xx

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