Im Back!!! After the worst Jan of my life


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Well Hello again everyone im back! Re-Joining SW tommorow, after loosing 2 stone before Christmas i did quite well to keep it off until January Struck! to cut a long story short my Dad got rushed into intensive care, and i left my Fiance!! i turned to food and alcohol! I have put about a stone back on! i am re-joining tommorow and looking forward to loosing the weight again and more!! Its good to be back :) xxx
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oh my goodness - I hope u r OK!!!
good luck & well done for coming back now. i imagine it wd hav been very easy to carry on eating & drinking with all that is going on around u. well done for biting the bullet so soon.


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Oh gosh, I know similar situations! Well done now for going back to SW and your determination. Are you sure you are emotionally ready for it though? You've been through a lot, is there more support for you as well as the group?



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Wow that does sound like an eventful January.

Glad to hear you sounding so motivated! Good luck with it (and here's to Feb being so much better than Jan!)


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Crikey...crappy start to the year right enough but you know what hun....the only way is up now.

Chin up and back on plan, you'll do great xx

Margery Dawe

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Well done for coming back and somehow finding the motivation again, I don't think I would have managed that for a while.

As D-ream would say - Things can only get better!!



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Eeek! Not good at all love. I think when things like that happen you just have to take a step back and concentrate on yourself and of course your family. At least 2011 can only get better.

Good luck now you're back, i'm starting on Wed so know the feeling well.


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Hey thank you all for such lovely messages :) i have got support from a councellor at the moment aswell as people from class to help with the weigh loss :) i need to be strong and if i put all my weight back on i wont be it will break me even more so just thought right im gonna go back! i had put over a stone on in Jan but i know i can get it off and need to be strong for when my Dad gets home!

Thank you all so much Xxx