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  1. donnamarie

    donnamarie Silver Member

    Hi all.. I'm a serial returner to Cd :(
    Have tried and failed so many times. BUT I know it works and I can do it as last April to July I stuck to ss for 11 weeks and lost 42lbs / 3st
    Right in time for our Disneyland holiday :)
    Trouble was I didn't do the steps I just stopped and life being life various upsets and an operation I turned to comfort food and here I am having regained all 3 stone :(
    Well thought id start a thread to try keep me on track.
    Today is my final day 1!!!
    So here goes :)
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  3. donnamarie

    donnamarie Silver Member

    Well so far so good.
    3 pints of water and 1 maple porridge down :)
    First day of half term and got my niece's aswell as my 3.. Mad house full of stress but im not caving.. this time is my right time to do this!
    I know by the weekend I will be in ketosis and feeling fab :)
  4. Miletaj

    Miletaj Full Member

    Stay with it.... You'll be fine ?

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  5. donnamarie

    donnamarie Silver Member

    Thank you :)
    Want to hide & stay away from here today as I feel a right fool ; (
    Yep.. caved yesterday ; (
    So here I go again... day 1
    I might look stupid but im not giving up... I am going to get there.. the scenic route maybe but I am gonna get myself back into ketosis where I know this crazy diet will be so much easier then.
  6. xamybopx

    xamybopx Full Member

    Hi Donna Marie

    I am currently on my second attemot at cambridge, although I was sort of good and only gained 4lb in the time off the diet. I think any subsequent attempts after the first is loads harder and don't beat yourself up about caving, you have said yourself you will get there in the end. Any time you go to eat, go and get on the scales, and it soon stops me!!

    I wish you the best of luck :)

    Amy xx
  7. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    Hey hun i remember you from last year when we were both on it!!! You did sooooo well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I caved last night with a pancake and dreading Valentines tomorrow but I am determined to get the weight off somehow so back to CD it is!!

    Are you doing just SS or SS+......................................think we should make a team and try and get through this together its so hard when my other mates on here are eating and still loosing and im not

    We CAN do this xxx
  8. donnamarie

    donnamarie Silver Member

    Hi Missie!
    Hope your well hun.
    Your right team ideal from last year really helped didn't it.
    You still loving the porridges? Lol
    It was you that put me on to them last year and I dont think I'd of lasted so long & done so well without them! :)
    I've been feeling so rotten I decided to cancel my cdc appointment Tuesday.
    I'm now see her tomorrow @ 6.30pm so gonna try to get back on ss friday morning.
    We have two holidays booked A weekend in April and then a week in Menorca in July and I want to be at least 4 st lighter by that one.. I have just over 5 mths.. so its possible. . I just need to sort it out.. don't know why I'm finding it so hard..
    I could of lost well over a stone by now if I'd stuck with it.. such an idiot I am.
    Well actually I do kinda of know why im finding it harder this time.
    Had some personal problems which has got me very low and some health issues (had surgery in December)
    Plus im now 11 days late for my period!
    I've done two pregnancy tests on day 3 late & day 6 late both were negative ??
    So im a little confused & worried by that too.
    What with all of that and 3 kids and half term. And life in general im struggling a bit.
    But I know the main reason im low is my weight problem.
    I want to feel as good as I did last year... when the weight was falling off :)
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  9. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    I know what you mean im the same but it is really hard not to make slip ups babe xx

    Glad someone else loves the porridge too..........................i couldnt live without it!!!

    Just had one as we speak but still finding my coffee with sugar near impossible to give up!!! Whats wrong with me ayyyyy! :eek:
  10. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    Hows everyone doing today?

    Happy valentines xxx
  11. MsJMC

    MsJMC Strong women stay slim

    Hello Stranger , welcome back , you know last time you had your tears but you stayed strong ! Are the girls still at karate , Mia still goes .....
    I'm starting today but the kee and slim save and cambridge way .... i'll give it go number 200 and see where i get too lol
  12. FabTar

    FabTar Member

    I am currently trying to restart the diet having done it successfully for about three weeks in January. Its really tough cos I've had so many restarts in the lat few weeks. I have cheated already but I am continuing anyway.

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