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I'm back!!! And getting back on track!


A little of everything!
Well, I'm back online after 2wks holidays (don't have net access at home!)so am going to try and catch up on here after wading through the mountain of paper on my desk!
The Friday I finished work I weighed 10st 8lbs on my scales- on my pharmacists I weighed 10st 10lbs. That was as normal (they're always around 2lbs heavier than mine). Last Friday I weighed 10st 7lbs on my scales- and 10st 12lbs on the pharmacists?!?! (wtf?!?:mad::sigh:) So she was sitting there going- "well, 2lbs gain after 2wks re-feed, during one of which you had a holiday break, thats not bad going?" and I was sitting there going to myself- "I've been 10st 7lbs on my scales for 5days now, and you're telling me I've gained 2lbs??" :confused::confused::confused: She was lovely about it though, and suggested I could carry on and use 2 maintenence meals and a 'proper' evening meal until I get to goal. I was playing with returning to TFR, but this might suit me better as it gives me a little more 'freedom' for social events & stuff? I've been pretty good with my food choices so far, apart from a little choc-fest on yesterday, but it's all gone now so I should be okay? Oops!:eek:
I've chosen to carry on my journey using my own scales as a guide. According to the pharmacists scales I've been up & down & all over the place where gains & losses are concerned, but (and I've never posted this before) on my own scales, I've consistently either sts or gone down a little. Thats probably why I've been so frustrated from week-to-week after my WI's? I never know quite what to expect?:sigh:
I'm not sure where I belong now though, as I'm not TFR, but I'm not yet maintaining? Should I go to the re-feed forum or carry on in here?:confused:
I'll have a catch-up on all the threads and have a think?....
Great to be back- I miss the support, and can't wait to see how everyone's been doing!
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Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Irish

Lovely to see you back!!!!

I would go with your scales too. I know at my pharmacist the scales are always at 0.1kg and I have to get them to change them to 0. I wonder if the fact a lot of people are using them that they are dodgy!!!!!

have you though about just going into Boots or somewhere and jumping on these big huge scales and seeing what the difference is? Just wonder if it would help you.

You have done amazingly well, you really have! You deserve a medal for perseverance! I would think you should be on re-feed, but I am on there now and on here as I am re-feeding from a week on Friday. I dont think it matters to be honest...

Hope you are not too stressed out with coming back to work! There is usually a mountain of work - eh!

Have a great week and again, well done on making good food choices!

Take care


A little of everything!
Thanks Scotsmist! TBH, If I keep off the weight I've lost so far, I'll be very happy!! LOL!
If I can maintain this for a while and eat, I may (may) return to TFR later on in the year to try and shift the last 1/2stone or so. I think my poor cr*p metabolism needed the break for a while? I'll see how I go over the next few weeks and try and be careful while upping my cal intake (and watching my carbs/sugar- they seem to have been my demon?). You've done brilliant while I've been off- well done!


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Not sure where you belong?, definetly on here to chat to every one and keep yourself and us motivated at the end of the day its the maintaining that is the hard thing but i bet you feel great now


A little of everything!
Not sure where you belong?
I've always been a bit of a square peg in a round hole! LOL!

I guess I'll hover in both, and refrain from talking about food while in here!

I'll get the best of both worlds then! :p


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whoooo nice to see you back on here irish :)

You are doing the same as me - after my holiday i did 1 shake 2 meals, last week i did 2 shakes and 1 meal but this week am going back to 1 shake and 2 meals just because i found i was picking last week. I am posting in the refeed section not on here as people on here aren't having food and i know what trouble i got into last time for posting pics of my baking :sigh: lol so come on over :)

Are you looking forward to having some control back by having shakes again? I too am just following my scales and will continue to do so untill after my graduation when im going back on tfr :eek: to get to 10st :giggle: xxx
Great to see you back :) and of course you muyst stay here!! we'd miss you...

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