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I'm back and looking for help

Hi everyone
I was here a couple of years ago. I've done it all.. ww, unislim, atkins, lipotrim, cambridge, tablets, you name it. Since I was last here, I am heavier than ever but I do have a new little daughter to add to my clan (she's nearly 2 now!)
Anyway, I have started and stopped a new diet since Jan 1st. I can only seem to last a day or two. I know it is emotional eating. Unfortunately funds aern't available to sort that out. Has there been any new diets that came out that I should consider looking into, adios, etc?
Thanks everyone xxx
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Did you ever try calorie counting?


I don't know about a new diet but smaller portions and recording everything you eat could help you become aware of how much "bad" stuff you eat.


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For emotional eating I'd like to recommend some free podcasts, have a google on Inside Out Weight Loss Podcasts. The first hit is the page you want, scroll down and there are LOTS, scroll right down to the bottom to get to the start. Right clicking on the purple button will give you an MP3 download, or a left click will let you listen there and then on your computer. I like the contents a lot but tbh, the ads are a bit intrusive. But hey, its free and the funds do need to come from somewhere.

If you are a reader then there are lots of books that have appealed to people here. My current reading has been the 4 Day Win by Martha Beck which has helped me a lot to step back from my own emotional eating.

My thoughts are with you - you can do it I'm sure.


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I would really recommend keeping a food diary, it makes you realise what you are doing and take responsibility for it. I've been using the site myfitnesspal to log everything. It tells you the calories you should eat and as well as logging what you do eat it can help you plan for what you'll eat later in the day too. Like you I am an emotional eater and have tried every diet going but this as been the only time I've really felt in control.

Good luck whatever you try. :)


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I'm an emotional eater :( I've definitely found keeping a food diary is the key!! I use my fitness pal on my phone and I log everything before it goes in my mouth!! That way I have a 30sec mental reset where I look at my log and think do I need this or want it? Is it worth having it? If I just eat an don't log I end up bingeing and falling off my diet wagon!

Have a go at calorie counting! You really start to learn what's good value nutritionally and I find if I go over one day I can easily claw it back by burning extra calories on the wii to compensate lol i just find it far easier to work round my life!

That said I lost 5st last yr fell off the wagon and its taken two stone of gain 5 months and 50000 restarts to get back into the headspace I need!! The off again in again thing is really hard going mentally!! So good luck!!