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im back and really need your help!

hi ya
well i put 6 pounds on over the christmas and damn i can feel it, i cant get back on track though( must be all the yummy food still in the house lol.):p
so i need to lose weigh and fast before going to the dr this month, if i've put weight on he'll take me off zenical ( doesn't believe in it !)
so i've joined the gym :eek: very worried never dont it before. first class on wed!!!
gonna start a food diary again so i'm hoping with your help I/WE can do it.
love ya sexy people and here's to a slimmer 2011 x x x:cool::bliss::whacky068:
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Good luck :D I'm going to rejoin our local gym in a couple of weeks. I don't go to classes mind, I just use the equipment ( like bike, tread, cross trainer etc). I'll re join after the 15th ( as that's when the Direct debits come off, and if I join this week, I'll be paying a month up front in cash, then a DD on the 15th, so I'll wait....can you tell I'm Scottish ;) :D )
I've not WI for fortnight, going to WI tomorrow morning and dreading it, been so good after Christmas, then yesterday ate for my country :rolleyes:
yeah doing ok, i start the gym 2mrow as that when my induction is;-(
hows everyone else gettng on? x


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I've got Zumba this evening, and seeing that as my diet class thingy isn't on tomorrow, I may as well get my bum down to the gym.

Foodwise is so much better today - because I'm back at work! Someone has kindly brought in a box of shortbread leftover from their Christmas goodies, but I've been a little angel and refrained from having any - so far!!
Vicklee - I put on about the same over the last two weeks! It went on fast so will come off fast (I hope!)

I didn't go to the gym for 9 days over christmas so am making up for it now. Did my first spinning class on Sunday and lasted the full hour class, did 60 mins of cardio (treadmill, cross trainer and wave machine) and 4 weight machines yesterday, 30 mins rowing and a relax in the spa today, will do some pilates at home tommorow and am going to do 25 mins of cardio, 4x weights and an hour plilates class on thursday. Feel exhausted just typing it all out but am determined to get back on track!


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I'd be having a word with your doctor or seeing another. Doesn't matter if he "believes" in it or not, you're entitled to treatment surely?

Anyway, good luck, hope you lose for your next weigh in. :)
thanks guys been really good today. i enjoyed the gym when i used to go, but you know what its like joining a new gym and you not to sure what its gonna be like. i just hope its not full of skinning minnies. i'll be ok but i prop will die after my first session oh no wait i cant i have work after ( all night long lol)
hi hun well im doing it (the gym) and kind of like it!!!
been doing 30/40 mins on tredmill, 15/20 mins bike, 10/15 mins crosstrainer ( its hurts to bad!) and 10 rower.
its only my 3rd time today so i am taking things really slow. first time gymer and my fitness is shocking so small steps but ill do it.
eating really well also woo hoo x x x
its killing me, but really makes you think before putting something in your mouth.

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