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I'm Back, bet you never missed me!!

Hiya everyone

I am 38 years old and have been dieting for about 20 years lol. Have lost weight with weight watchers 12 years ago to get married 5 stone!!

Have put that back on and about another 2. Currently weigh 17 st 11 lb. I did go to boots last year and got xenical from pharmacist, only did a couple of weeks and stopped (fool!)

Anyway whilst I was tidying cupboards came across them and thought I'd give them another go. I think I have about 3/4 weeks worth, I wont take a one with brekkie as i only have special k and skimmed milk so seems a waste.

So I have ordered calorie and fat bible off amazon and am gonna do the 5% rule and calories. Also exercising at the gym 4-5 times a week.

I am hoping I can get plenty of support and advice from all of you as I normally dont go it alone, I am forever joining new clubs etc....

So any advice for a newbie please and also the general rules would be good, I can't really remember!

x x x x x
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Welcome, and well done for making a new start. Stick with the forum, you'll get plenty of advice and support here, ask any questions and your sure to get an answer, or several!
Good luck,

KB x
Welcome & Good Luck! You had BRILL weight loss last time, So I`m sure you can do it again :D Xx
Hello and welcome along :)

Our stories are kind of similar. I lost just over 5 stone years ago, not using xenical, just determination :eek: put it ALL on again and then some :sigh:

Here I am upteem diets later giving xenical a 2nd try. I tried last year, lost a few pounds then gave up. This time I feel more positive and determined and cannot go on looking and feeling the way I have. I have lost a stone so far, now aiming for the next half stone and so on until its all gone forever :D

The posters on here are so friendly and supportive. The forum keeps me on the right track, I've also got a holiday coming up in October (just booked recently) so that is further motivation for me!

Keep posting and stay focused, it can be done. Pinki Punkstar has lost a massive amount of weight on xenical and healthy eating and exercise, she is my inspiration, read her threads on here. :)

Good luck on your journey. I look forward to chatting with you.


Go on smile! =)
welcome and gl with the weightloss :D
hiya everyone

Feeling great and am gonna try and keep off the scales every day!! How often do you all weigh? Was thinking once a week.

Just a quickie - how do we do with salmon!! Is it a no no on the xenical and also eggs!! Not sure if these are ok, and advice would be great.

Speak later x
thnkas for that, will give salmon a miss i think.

for lunch i have just had a shapers sarnie which was fine and snack a jacks!! hoping these don't affect me

lunch was -

shapers wrap - 3.4 g fat (1.9 per 100g)
snack a jacks - 1.9 g fat (7.4 g per 100g)

Will let you know, hopefully will be ok as meal itself was low enough fat. Also with the tablets do you take it with your meal or before!

And if i am having a no fat meal is it ok not to take the tablet or should i still take one! just with paying a lot for them dont wanna waste them.

Thanks everyone x x
Snack a Jacks should be fine. Take your tablet just before, during or up to an hour after your meal, your choice. If I am having a no fat meal, eg fruit salad for breakfast I don't bother with the tablet.
thanks for replying!

Going to the gym after work then having home made turkey breast kebabs and salad mmmm..... can't wait.

x x x
I weigh myself every Monday morning.

Haven't tried salmon yet, but have limited myself to eggs, one a week :eek: (scambled or boiled, will try poached next time) with no side effects!

Good luck :)
good luck on your journey im nearly 4 weeks into taking xencial and have lost a stone already :) with lots of hard work! i have been limiting myself to ready meals in the evening but now got rather boring and really fancied spag bol tonyt but was really worried about the fat content so with advice from a few ppl on here i tried quorn and im so glad i did really low fat and neither me or the family could taste the difference so that will be a definate change i wil b taking on from now on, the point im gettin around to making (very slowly i know lol!!) is i have begun to find the trick to keeping succesful on a xenical diet and seeing results is to experiment with low fat foods and find new recipes, although regarding samon and egg, i dont eat samon so im really no help at all with that one but eggs.. well my son loves dippy egg and soldiers on the weekend so on sunday i thought i would join him... and i deffo wont be doing that again!! im one of the unlucky ones who cant get away with eggs!!
also snacking in the evenings are my downfall, i have found some wonderful low fat snacks that i have had as a treat of a evening,
-hartleys fat free jelly, i can highly reccoment the watermelon one.
-snack a jacks
-mini milks
-skinny cow ice cream range .. yum yum!!
-for the days u just neeeed a chocy fix, curly wurlys are great!
-pink and whites
-twiglets also are low in fat and nice and high in fibre
-ice pops
im sure there are many more but these are the ones that are keeping me sane! lol.
luck forward to hearing more off u as u continue on ur journey.
Might sound silly but yesterday for the full day i had 15.4 g of fat!! Will xenical still work and is this ok. I had 1300 calories as well.

Any advice from a pro! x x x


gunna be a fatty for ever
Hiya hun!

Welcome to minis and good luck on your journey!

15gs per day is a bit low. The guidelines say no more than 15g per meal so you can have more if you like. I found that If you go too low you get a lil constipated :p too much info lol!

Good luck on your journey and post lots!

love katie
I will show you what i eat yesterday: -

Brekkie -

Special k and skimmed milk 2.5

Lunch -

Shapers wrap chicken 3.4
Snack a jacks 1.8
Yogurt and strawberries 0.1

Tea: -

Turkey kebabs 1
basmati rice 1.5
wholemeal pitta 0.8
Sweet chilli sauce 0.3


Special k bar 1.5
WW lemon cheesecake 4.6

Can someone give me some advice on this.

Fat was 17.5 grams for the day
Cals aprox 1400

Thanks x x
That looks perfect to me :)
As Kae says, you can have up to 15g of fat per meal, so you could go higher than that, but you don't have to.
Xenical removes a third of the fat in the meals you eat (regardless of how much or little fat the meal contains), so for yesterday your body will be getting 12g (ish) of fat, and the toilet will get the other 5.5g!!
The calories look OK to me too, although you could try myfitnesspal.com to work out how many caloires your own body needs each day in order to lose weight/maintain.

Keep up the good work! :) Your food diary made me very hungry just reading it!


gunna be a fatty for ever
hehe me too! nom nom! Yeah your food looked absolutly fine!

I used to use my fitness pal when I first started on the tabs! Its a fab site to calulate how many cals you need!

love katie
HIYA everyone

havent been on for ages lol.

Update is that I have lost 6pounds since i started. Haven't took xenical for a week!!

I went out on saturday night and was ill on sunday, in bed all day being sick till about 4pm.

Anyway, felt crap since and have had diarrhoea, a few people at work are the same so hink I have definately picked a bug up.

I have still been quite good though, hence loosing 6 pounds, am over the moon!!!!!!!

Still feel a bit 'off' today but gonna start the xenical again on monday. hope you are all doing ok and glad too see how busy the board is.

Speak soon x x x x

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