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I'm Back From My Trip In The States...

Fuzzys Angel

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Back to the cold.....:(

Had an amzing trip away Hawaii & Vegas were out of the world & i have a great tan....lol

Got back today & shattered, had to come on line to get the bills paid before the red letters start to arrive so i thought i'd pop on here to say hi to you all. As soon as i walked through the front door i jumped on the scales....lol I've put on 8lbs but to be honest i don't think that's too bad for a month away!!!! It was really hard to resist the food, so much of it....lol And g0d it tasted great :) :). My official WI is on Wednesday so if i get straight back to CD tomorrow the scales will look better. Anyway the weight may have gone on but the inches haven't my us size 6 skirt still fits.....Yippeeee

Now i'm home i've got loads of washing to do, so much of it i wanna leave it & go to bed but if i do it'll still be there tomorrow & it's my birthday tomorrow so i don't want to be doing loads & loads of washing then....lol

Still haven't got a car so i've got to pull out all stops to find one before my insurance runs out so i haven't got long..... :character00182:

So all that relaxing for 4 weeks it's now back to the hectic life back home, well at least i have until Thursday night before i have to go back to work....

Hope you are all well & been loads of weight while i've been away & i'm sure some of you have reached your goals, well done to you...

If you click on the link below you can view some of my holiday pic's!....xxxx
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Great pics! It looks like you had a great time. It doesn't seem like a month since you posted to say you were leaving for your trip!

8lbs doesn't sound bad, it could have been much worse! I bet you'll soon have that off again :D
Welcome back, really pleased you had alovely time.
Have a lovely birthday
bet half that 8lb if not more is fluid retention!!!!!!

I'm sure it will be gone in a day or 2!!!!

WB to the cold brrrrr!!!! Your pics look great... I wanna go !!!!!

nas x
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Welcome back, fabby pictures and you sound like you have had a wonderful time. You'll have the 8lbs off in no time and some of it will be water retention due to the flight (info courtesy of Icemoose!).



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Hi Mandi I just looked at the holiday pics you posted they look fab. You look so happy on your piccys and the places you visited looked amasing. Glad you had a good time.:D

Oh and Happy Birthday for tomorrow.
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Kick off ur shoes, take a break, crank the tunes, Dance and shake, Light the candles, cut the cake. Make it a day thats simply great . Happy Birthday

welcome back! i'd have to say a huge well done to you for only gaining 8lbs while away!
i'm from california, myself, but living in wales (ya ya ya, i know what you're going to say/ask!)) hehehe
anyways, i havent been home in a couple years and looking through your pics...ahhhhh...:sigh: just making me totally homesick. ((omg i just said "totally". AND "omg"!!)) oh goodness. definitely need to get home for a visit then.

hawaii is a gorgeous place to be. i've only been to maui but wow!!! if any of you out there ever have the chance, GO!! its amazing. ((which you can see by just by looking through fuzzy's pics)).

Vegas, well...only been the once. and i think it was enough. lol. for me anyways. the buildings/hotels are the best part!

anyways, glad you are back ...to the cold, chilly UK. hehehehe
you havent missed much, im sure! ((besides your children)).

you enjoy getting on with homelife...and good louck dropping the holiday gain. you'll lose it in no time. :)
Welcome back!!! Fantastic pics - what a great holiday! I think 8lbs over a month is really good and probably quite a lot of that is water retention as Georgie says. I'm sure it will drop off. xx

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield

For your lovely welcome back messages, glad you like my pics!!!

Back to work on thursday night :(

My cdc is coming around tomorrow for my official wi :eek: the truth will then be known....lol I usually go to her but as i'm car less at the moment & can't get to her therefore she is kindly coming to me, i'm lucky to have such a lovely counsellor! :) :)

I was really shocked yesterday for my birthday my hubby bought me a 'steiff bear' :eek:, it is a limited edition 1926 clown i dread to think how much he paid for that???? I've always said i'd wanted one but as they are so expensive never thought i'd get one! And now lucky me i have one....lol maybe i should start collecting them??....lol


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