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I'm back - kick up backside needed.


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I've arrived for a royal kicking up the behind please ;) My attempts at weightloss have been poor to say the least. I lost 6lbs between January-March (which isn't great in itself) but I've since put it all back on and my motivation is at rock bottom.

I look at myself sometimes and I feel sick. I'm just not healthy :( Yet, why am I still bingeing?! I make no sense.

I just find I really struggle with the following issues:

> Lack of money
> Lack of time (full time nursing student soon to be working shifts/nights/weekends) to exercise.
> Lack of energy to exercise
> General lack of motivation
> Poor control over meals (only an issue for 4 more months though).
> Lacking self belief!

So, this might seem like a mammoth task to over-haul but I'd love some guidance on this weightloss malarky. Cos this student is really struggling...:eek:
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Sorry to hear of your struggles. I am sure there are a hell of a lot of people who can relate to your weight issues. 2lb a month doesn't sound much but it adds up over a year. Not far off 2 stone in a year!!! 2 Stone lighter in Dec from Jan is worth having in my opinion.
I find exercise just the word is enough to bring me out in a sweat :rolleyes:
Moving more in a way that doesn't seem like exercise is the way forward for me. So walking rather than using the car. Putting the laundry away a few bits at a time so I have to go upstairs 10 times instead of 1. Walking to the next bus stop on those rare occasions I join civilisation :D Exercise for the sake of it will soon stop for me.
Binging is my big downfall too. My meals are generally pretty good. Then I go on a binge and eat anything that doesn't move.....anything that does move the cat gets ;).
Do you think we chose Dales that have weight issues deliberately so we can identify with them?
It looks like a vicious circle to me, when you are overworked and tired it is hard to even buy the ingredients for healthy meals, let alone cook them. And when life is getting you down there is nothing so seductive as a chocolate bar to raise your spirits - we've all been there. I would say that when your life generally seems a bit out of your control there is nothing like losing weight to make you feel on top of things again, you can do it if you give yourself the chance.

I'd say forget about trying to exercise as a separate item, just do the more active options instead (stairs instead of lifts, cycle or walk to places you need to go rather than taking transport). As far as food is concerned I think it is all in the planning. I take it you aren't looking to follow a particular diet? Whatever way you intend to reduce intake it might help if you give youself fifteen minutes a couple of times a week to write down meal plans for the next few days, make a shopping list and make sure you have all you need. So then even if you get in late you have proper food available.

My other suggestion is to find a diet buddy, there must be other girls on your course in the same situation so teaming up can be a big moral support. Go food shopping togeher if you can so there is no tewmptation to put the naughty things in your basket. Good luck with the diet, and let us know how it goes.

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