Best exercise for someone over 20 stone? - Advice needed please :)

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    Hi, firstly, thanks for taking the time to read this, I'm hoping for a bit of guidance :)

    So I'm looking to incorporate exercise with my diet to give me ultimate weight loss. I currently follow Slimming worlds EE plan. I started 3 weeks ago at 24 stone 1lbs. 3 weeks into it I am currently 22stone 11 lbs. Weight wise, I carry it, well, everywhere.

    Now health wise, I actually have really bad legs. I had a ski accident several years back and I've done damage to my valves so I have really poor circulation in my legs, I have lots of broken veins on the surface and quite a bit of discoloration, Recently I actually ran at an awkward angle and pulled both my achilles tendons so I'm currently doing physio on my ankles but anything too high impact could do me quite some damage so please bare this in mind when giving advice :)

    Atm I work 11.5 hours a day so I'm not left with a lot of time, I'm in a mild amount of pain most mornings with my ankles but have been swimming and most recently been following workout videos from ytube. One lady in particular Leslie who does walking videos with various step, kicks and knee lifts to help burn calories. I've done her 1 mile video twice and her 2 mile video also.

    I guess basically I'd love some help getting a routine together, any exercise that could combat my current area's of flab, thighs, arms, tummy, tire ring under my tummy etc. With a bit of guidance I can put my head down and work hard :)

    Thank you again in advance :) xx
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  3. How did you find the swimming? That's always my first suggestion for low impact exercise. Or aqua aerobics, if your local leisure centre has a class.

    I injured my achilles tendon on my left leg about a year ago, and getting back into exercise was a real struggle! Once I was healed, my physio told me to walk up and down hills, whenever possible, since that'd help strengthen the muscle and prevent it from happening again. Every now and then, on my daily walks, I trudge up a big hill near my house. So far, it has worked!

    When I was first getting back into working out, I did a lot of sitting down exercise videos on YouTube. They helped me get my heart rate going and brought my endurance up to a place where I could do more strenuous stuff without worrying too much about hurting myself again.

    Have you ever tried weight lifting? I've been doing so since not long after my achilles injury, and it has really helped my weight loss. I started out on tiny weights, and gradually moved up to bigger ones. It's something my husband and I do together after work on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. While we work out, we catch up on TV shows we've recorded, so it never feels like it takes up too much of our evenings.

    If you do decide to try lifting weights, just learn correct form so you don't hurt yourself, and make sure you only do it every other day to give your muscles a chance to recover. Having some sort of protein snack post-work out can help with the muscle recovery as well.

    I'd say the best time to work out is whenever you feel the most able to commit to it. If you have pain in the mornings, then do it in the evenings. Just set aside a specific time and line up some exercises to try. If you find something doesn't work for you (I have COUNTLESS aerobic DVDs that I never use, since they bore me), then try other stuff until you find something that does work for you. It'll just become a chore if it's something you absolutely loathe.

    Good luck! xx
  4. Fatbeautyx

    Fatbeautyx Full Member

    Hi sweet, Thanks again for commenting :)

    Swimming is ok, I have to get 2 bus's to get there and 2 back so its not really an easy place to get to but, I guess i start thinking well, the only person stopping me is me. I have to walk up a hill to get to work and I've been stretching my legs more and more lately and they seem to be slowly getting better which is good.

    I haven't really tried weight lifting, I guess I figured because I've got this huge belly, I'd want to be doing anything that gets my heart rate up and sweating, I don't wanna build muscle, I'm a long way off from that lol I just wanna lose the fat.

    I've got a couple of workout dvds, but Maybe I'll try doing some of my wifitt just dance as that will keep my attention and it will get my heart rate going and get me sweaty..
  5. I combine cardio with the weight lifting. I get my heart rate up with some cardio for a warm up, then do 30 mins of lifting. Building muscle has helped me lose some of my big belly. :) Before I started it, I was just doing cardio. For me, doing the cardio alone caused my weight loss to be a lot slower. With the lifting, sometimes I don't see the number on the scales go down, but I also measure my chest, waist, and hips and see those numbers go down. You could be different, of course! This is just what has worked for me.

    Urgh, two buses to get to swimming would put me off as well. Especially since you work long hours and have limited free time to start with.

    Glad your legs are getting better! xx
  6. pippalata

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    You won't turn fat into muscle, but you will start to develop more muscle which in turn will burn more fat as muscles uses more calories than fat.

    A combination of the two will help - even if you just start with a couple of tins of baked beans for weights until you decide what's best for you. Personally I love my kettlebell and there are plenty of arm exercises you can do both sitting down and lying down, and it will definitely get your heart rate up :)

    Good luck x
  7. beavis420

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    You need to do some form of weight training if you want to tone up properly

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  8. Gemstone

    Gemstone Here for the Journey

    Hi FB - Have you tried Aquafit. I have just started an Aquafit thread in Fitness - exercise. I have issues with my back and any thing I do has to be low impact - I also lose the will to live in the gym. I have found aquafit to be just what I needed and it has given me mobility, flexibility and stability - all of which was a bit dodgy for me before I started. I have been doing it now for 13 months so I think it is tried and tested ;) x

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