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I'm back on track

As some of you will know I have had a rough few weeks and put on all that I have lost. Last night it turned around as i caught up with my friend who simply looked amazing. She started SW in January and has lost 2 stone and was in size 8 jeans. She looked stunning and told me a days both of food that she eats and its made me determined that although i know i will never be in size 8 jeans size 12 would make me happy.

Her SW diet consisted of free foods and filling up on them and adapting ht eplan to work with her life style ie

Fruit and yog for breakfast
tune and hard boiled egg salad for lunch
healthy salmon and salad etc

I am going to get back on this so well now just dreading weigh in on Monday but i figure it will be the last time i will see those numbers on the scale (Yes i have said that before but this time i mean it.)

My bf has said he will eat fruit and yog and salads etc so thats good.

But she says that she has a Kellogs Special K bar as a B choice and I didn;t know these were allowed. Seeing as she has lost the weight and not me I didn't ask but does anyone on here know if thats true?
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Just follow the plan
I saw your post earlier, I'm going to try and save healthy extras for lunch and dinner too, so that I can have a bit of tuna or chicken and a bit more variety.

I'm not sure about the Special K bars, hopefully someone else will help you x
Hi, as far as I have been told the only Kellogs bar that counts as a HEB is called All Bran Honey and Oat bar - don't think it is a Special K one though

HTH and good luck :D


I ate my willpower!
I have checked the SW website and cant see any Special K ones on there!
Well I got weighed and i am now half a pound heavier than when i started so I have decided to start again today and thixs is the new me.

I had melon, strawberries and yogurt for breakfast
An Apple mid-morning
Lunch was a salad with tuna and egg
Dinner was salad, salmon and jacket potato and i might treat myself to some more melon.

No syns either today so I am really well and truely back on track!
good luck on re starting your journey hun xxx Oh and as far as I know Special K bars arent HEBs xxx


Just follow the plan
Sounds like a great start Couscous. Good luck hun.
good luck with it.

just wondering..... people like your friend (the size 8) do they all tend to carry on with slim world when they get to there target or do alot of people think yay im there now i can eat what i want??
No my friend is sticking to it and just adding a few more Healthy Extras. She said she had a MsDonalds the other week and actually gfelt sick after it as her palate has changed so much. She also looks stunning so doubt that she will risk putting it all back on.

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