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  1. sliemox

    sliemox Full Member

    Hie evry1 I have been here before trying to lise 4st but because I was in my final year at Uni things didnt work quiet well the pressure became too much........ but right now I have a clear head and unfortunately I have 6st to lose this time I hve gained quiet a bit more......hopefully this time I will b able to stick to the diet and see some results......I have a holiday coming up in mid july just hoping to have lost at least half of this weight coz im soo miserable right now and I have developed loads of aches and pains....... I have tried jogging around 3-4miles but my bck started aching unbearably soo I had to stop......hence the reason wy I decided to give the vlcd another go and because Exante iz more affordable than Cambridge...........I noticed that there are loads more flavours now in all products and a variety to choose from I kno I will enjoy the apple&cinna /traditional porridge as im more of a porridge gal than the shakes and other staff I also loved the carbonara too b4.........pliz wish me luck and hipefully my goals will become true this tym I kno this iz not an easy journey....

    I still hve some food packs left from last time I will, order the new staff wen i finish off wat i hve on day 2 so far so good am getting there........good luck evry1 we sure need it....
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  3. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    Good luck and well done for giving it another go!
  4. Chunky Madwife

    Chunky Madwife Full Member

    Same here, previously did Exante, lost three stone. Fell by the wayside completely as was stressed with work and long long commute.

    Now I have 6 stones to lose and this time I am deadly serious. Not getting any younger (will be 40 next years and determined not to be fat fugly frump!

    The aches and pain are also becoming a real pest. Am on Day 3 and enjoying the new flavours. (That double choc bar is lush!)

    Good luck. X

    You sound ready for it.
  5. sliemox

    sliemox Full Member

    Thank you Katie and Chunky Madwife I need all the luck I can get this time around.....yaa I guess I am that point were I say enough iz enough .........I have visited the GP 3 times already this year for weight related problems.....and this is just not me....
    .I kno its me who iz standing between my healthy weight and happiness.....I just pray for discipline and dertemination tgen everything else will fall into place....

    I have a wedding to attend also in August and I do really hope I would have shed at least half of the weight......also I refuse to buy bigger sized clothes I dnt really kno wat size I am I just buy stretchy tight at a time .....I have a wadrobe still full of size 8-10 clothes I was wearing in 2010-11 I want to go bck there I crave to be a yummy mummy.... not a frumpy mummy.....good luck to u too im sure we can do it it just needs perseverance.....

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