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I'm Back & Soooooooooo Hungry!!!!!


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I'm back from London but i have come back feeling sooooooo hungry!! I dont think i have actually felt hungry in the whole 9 weeks i have been doing this - not even in the first few days!

Im really pleased that yet again i have overcome another obsticle: holidaying! lol (not that it was much of a holiday) but i have come back so hungry.

I have drank 1lt less water am thinking this is one of the reasons or the other one being everywhere you go in london there is food!! People on the tubes eating, at the stations eating, smell of fast food joints, and at the football stadium - hot dogs, burgers etc.

Usually this wouldnt bother me, i am fine with people eating around me or in front of me but for some reason it seemed to really bug me.

My bf got a burger king whilst there and asked me if i wanted a bottle of water - he sacrificed his fizzy, fatty drink so i could have water - bless him! lol

But anyways, just wanted to rant at how much i actually hate food and how it seems to be bloomin everywhere!!!

Hopefully now i am back, and back onto my routine i will feel good again! :)
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Fair play summergurl! I don't think I would have been that strong.
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Well done you !!!!!!!

Thats fantastic willpower !!!!! to go away on a break and not feel pressured in to eating . I dont know if I could do that . I am dreading the kids easter holidays (Two weeks here) No routine . If you can survive being away then it wont be long until you are at goal . Well done .

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
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well done hun you have done great, hope you had a great time..


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WOW, what a cool chick you are, bloody well done. x


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Im sure I would have felt the same as you. in fact, i often feel hungry just because food is all around me(kids eating crisps right now) I dont think Im really hungry it is just power of suggestion in a way. Well done summergurl for not giving in. you will be back on track in no time. Keep strong:D


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I know what you mean hun, fast food places are just 2 mins down the road from me and in the beginning I was dying for something from KFC or McDonalds but I didn't give in and I'm glad I didn't. Luckily though, you get sick of the smell of it all and it doesn't faze you much after. London's just a big temptation trap lol! But well done hun for being so strong! xxx


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Aw thanks guys!
Me bf says i have done really well not to give in - not that he'd let me! He'd be the first to slap my wrists lol

And i had a brilliant time!! :)


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So glad to hear you didn't give in to temptation, it must have been hard. Anyway its good to have you back. Hope you are rewarded well at your next weigh in ;)


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So glad to hear you didn't give in to temptation, it must have been hard. Anyway its good to have you back. Hope you are rewarded well at your next weigh in ;)
Me too - although am sceptical as i havnt drank enough water as i usually do these last 2 days :( lol


I will be skinny again!!!
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You will be summer! your doing brilliant!!!

Well done for resisting! Hope you had a good time anyway :)

What present did you bring me back?? lol xx


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haha chell - tell ya what the only thing i brang back was the galaxy hot chocolate that was on the tea tray in the hotel room for my little bro lololol


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Wll done summer great willpower, it is nice to hear your OT is so supportive as well, mine is the same and it certainly helps.

Glad to hear you had a good time, I hope you get a fab weigh in result, you deserve it.

Jo x
mission accomplished summer! brilliant acheivement! its so difficult to resist temptation but it feels so good when ya do doesnt it!xx


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wow summer u didnt break that takes determination!! welldone! hope ur weigh-in goes amazing after all that stress with the food!

totally get what u mean by food being everywhere!! n d smells seem to travel for miles to reach me! haha!
go u!
Well done Summer, you did great to avoid all the temptations while you were away, I bet your boyfriend was so proud of you. I bet you were so proud of yourself too. Welcome home.


Here we go again!
Glad you had a good time Summergurl! I was watching the match and everytime they showed the crowd I was looking out for you. Didn't spot you though.

What was it like watching England then? Was David Beckham as gorgeous in real life? (As you can tell I'm not jealous at all!!)

Get back into your normal routine now and you will be fine. Good luck for your weigh in!


One last chance
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Awesome will power babe.

Yes, food is available at every nook and cranny in London. Especially Oxford street! bloody hell.
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Well done, thats a real achievement that it CAN be done. You are a real inspiration to us all, just keep glugging the water and I'm sure you will be fine.

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