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I'm Back!!!!!!


The Original Honey!!!
Hi everyone,

I'm now back in the land of the free after being couped up in hospital for 6 weeks.

The transplant went really well and the lungs have been excellent.

Had a couple of bumps in the recovery process (went into liver and kidney failure and lost the ability to walk as I was bedbound for 4 weeks) but all is well know (well having to walk with a stick and have a few issues with stairs but that will all come back in time....lol)

On the weight loss front I managed to reach target and lost 1 stone so 2 silver linings along with the bumps :D lol

The scary bit was when I went into kidney failure and the docs tried to flush them. I managed to gain 5 stone of fluid in 4 days!!!!! Aaaarrrggghhhhhhh!!!! lol

Luckily, they attached me to a machine that basically filtered out all the nasties and 6 days later I was 5 1/2 stone lighter. Yippee, and extra 1/2 stone bonus...lol

Now i'm on a high calorie, high protien diet to feed my wasted muscles and to help heal from the op. Still got to keep an eye on my weight though as I don't want to gain lots, would like to stay where I am now at 9st 7lb.

So I guess i'm at TARGET!!!!

Just wanted to say thank you for all the lovely get well messages especially Sue - fillymum, hope you're doing well hun.

Well will stop waffling

Thanks again

Vicky xxx
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Welcome back she says as she wipes tears from eyes !!!!!

I am so pleased to see you here. You can not imagine how pleased. We have all been so concerned about you and you have been far from forgotten.

You are one brave, fantastic lady.

That you are proud of being at target after all you have been through says a lot about you.

love and hugs xxxxx

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big bear

A bear on a mission!
It's so great to have you back. I'm glad ur on the road to recovery it takes time & you shouldn't worry too much about ur weight or rush to do things. My FIL had a liver transplant 2 years ago so kinda no the recovery process.

Just so glad u got ur transplant & here's to a full recovery & glad to have u back here.

Take Care hun xxxxx
I'm new here, but welcome back:D

I did read your post and hoped along with everyone else that all was well.
Congrats on reaching target and i hope you continue to get well xx
Hi Vicky

You are amazing!! Fantastic news and welcome back xx


Never gets tired of SW!
Hi Vicky, welcome back and congratulations on being on the road to recovery! Congrats on getting to target, although I'm sure you wouldn't really recommend that route to fellow Miniminners lol! (I did chuckle when you mentioned the half stone 'bonus' loss after having been offloaded by dialysis/filter!) I bet you're really looking forward to being able to get back into a healthy way of eating and feeling well again! Please don't beat yourself up though if you do put on a little! You may need it to get your strength back properly, especially if you need to rebuild muscle!! Being healthy is the most important thing- you can always whittle a few pounds down in your own time a bit later once you're back to full strength! Sounds like you've been through a terrible ordeal!! Well done for being so positive about it all and being able to add a bit of humour to a bad situation, which is extremely important!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXX


wants a body to love!
Hey welcome back!

Glad your on the road to recovery! I bet its so good to be home.....your own bed and no one shouting/lights being switched on all the night, keeping you awake! :zz:

Hope your back to feeling yourself soon.

also..... congrats on getting to target too :]]

Hi Honey............ you O.K. Thinking of you and longing to know how you are doing now you are back in the *real* world.

hugs xxxxxxx


The Original Honey!!!
Hi Honey............ you O.K. Thinking of you and longing to know how you are doing now you are back in the *real* world.

hugs xxxxxxx
Hi Sue,

Things are going well thanks hun. I've been going back to the hospital twice a weekn for the last 2 weeks for check ups and all is well. I've now got a 2 week break before going back which isn fantastic.

My walking is getting stronger and am rarely using my walking stick.

I've finally had all my stitches out and am now able to drive so things are getting back on track....yippee!!! lol

How are things with you. I feel so out of touch with everyone :eek:

Vicky xxx


The Original Honey!!!
Thanks everyone for all of your kind wishes. I'm well on the road to recovery and am getting stronger every day.

How are you all doing? I've missed out on how everyone is doing on SW and all the gossip....lol

Vicky xxx

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