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Im back.....

Prey everyone I've been not well and not really eaten much for the last few days but back on the plan tomorrow. :( anyone any ideas for induction breakfast in the move as I will have no time to cook my usual bacon and eggs next week as leaving home really early and on the move all day, I can do salad lunches but.... What to pack up for breakfast? Thanks everyone! :)
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Hi Friend,

Hope you're feeling better now.

A few ideas for breakfast on the move:

- MIM made in advance (never attempted them myself yet, but seem to be popular)
- Hardboiled egg
- Cold meats and / or cheese
- Atkins bar - pretty sure some are OK for induction
- Crustless quiche

That's all I can think of for now! I am usually unoriginal and cook eggs of some sort for breakfast


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Hope you are feeling ok? I have been thinking the same as when i go back on placement it will mean a 5.30 wake up! i am thinking of boiled eggs & meat like ham or some cheese, continental without the breads & jam! x x
Morning all :)
So back to it total, feel alot brighter and not taking tablets anymore.
Bfast bacon and eggs
Lunch tuna and cheese salad and Mayo
Beef cauli and cabbage buttered of course!
Decaf coffee and water

Tried together cobnut oil yesturday and my shops sold out!!!! Will try again on tomorrow.
Any ideas on how to use it? Or do I take it off a spoon like cod liver oil??????

Have a good day everyone! :)
Morning all :)
Tried together cobnut oil yesturday and my shops sold out!!!! Will try again on tomorrow.
Any ideas on how to use it? Or do I take it off a spoon like cod liver oil??????

Hi Friend!

I've also been inspired by all this talk of coconut oil. So went out and bought some. So far, I have substitued it for butter when making a MiM and also fried a coulple of things in it - some homemade burgers yesterday, and some chicken today. The one that I've got has an extremely subtle flavour so, for example, my burgers had chilli and herbs in them, so couldn't taste the coconut. With the chicken, it's very very subtle.

I guess you could take it off the spoon? I've also seen someone suggest putting it in coffee, though not tried that yet! I guess you could just try experimenting as well.
I take it in coffee occasionally because although it sorta floats on top at first it vanishes with a few sips. I love coconut oil for frying and baking. I make low carb pastry with it and also add it to the MiM recipe instead of oil or butter. I do sometimes take it off the spoon but prefer it in food. When I scramble eggs in the frying pan I use coconut oil and it just seems to get absorbed in a way that you barely notice when you eat the finished product!

All the best with your restart, Friend. This really is the ultimate 'diet' lol.
Hi Friend, good morning,

Hi Girly, haven't seen you post in a while love. Have a look at year2teachers diary, she's a veggie doing Atkins
Yes, I'm a fan of coconut oil and like it with everything! :)
Morning, I'm not. I can't stand it ever since that damn sun cream came out :(
ha ha ... Jim - just noticed the tree you're standing under in your second photo - isn't it a palm tree!!! lol
Is it helping your weight loss Alpaca? I've just had some off a spoon yum and then put rest of spoon in black coffee and in my haste to try it because it smelt so nice.... Burnt my tongue! Oow!
Do u know if I can have sugar free jelly and double cream on induction?
Hello Friend... I don't think it's helping at the moment, but that's just me - I think others on here find it better. I'm just not budging at the moment weight-wise so probably the wrong time to ask that question!! ha ha

As for S/F jelly, don't let Jim hear to ask that question - he calls those 'Frankenfoods". But they're very yummy ...

also, follk do stall on cream - I'm not too sure if I do or not.

Others on here will be able to answer your questions better than me! -:)


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