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I'M BACK.....

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
GOSH SO MANY NEW NAMES :eek: :eek: :eek:

It's been a long time but i've finally returned to work at last getting more comfortable being around people again, it's been difficult over the past couple of months but this bout of depression has been a hard one, it hit me bad this time, infact too hard that i almost crumbled:(

Had a meeting with the occi health department last week to discuss returning to work, to be honest they didn't really want me to come backjust yet but i explained to them the only way to help me get through this was i had need to get back some normality back into my life. Can't stay at home vegitating (sp). They did agree (hense here tonight) but want me to have regular meetings with both them & my ward manager, they are also writing to my GP for his opinon!!!. Occi health are setting up some counselling for me with a structured support system. My ward manger has been amazing, so supportive throughout, ringing me at home on a regular basis to check how i am, not once ever mentioning when i would be returning to work.

Tonight has been very difficult trying to keep a smiling face & pretend i'm my usual happy go lucky self has be very hard, putting on fake smiles :( . Questions from work collegues have been hard as i've had to tell porkies to them, very few people knew the real reason i was off work many thought it was due to my back so i continued with the story! To be honest i can't wait to get home to the security of my home & my faithful four walls! I hate feeling like this but it just a phase of my life that i need to get through, i've manage to pull myself through this before & i can again. I'm just taking one day at a time, small steps.

So there you are, this is where i am today! So my lovelies you'll be seeing me around again.....xxx
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Busy busy busy!!
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Hi Mandi - lovely to see you back (one face and name that doesn't go away!!) and how wonderful that your work has been so supportive. Look forward to seeing more posts from you.
Really nice to se your name back on here.
Hope things start looking brighter real soon.
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hey love, welcome back, been thinking about you..

i completely understand what your goign through, i to been through it, and your defo making the right decision going back to work, i didnt and i ended up really bad.. but i am aiming to get back to it now, so glad for the people out there who help us.. my occi was great but reasured me to stay at home get better.. wish i didnt listen to that bit lol..(hence the weightgain)..

hope you feel better soon, which you will, it doesnt last forever (we cope) i am a walking example..

look forward to seeing you about more, really missed your support..

love me xxxxxxxxx


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Great to see you posting again! Hope everything goes well Vxx


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Hi Mandi - welcome back...I went through depression and found a book really helped me - 'The Journey by Brandon Bays' and 'Feel the Fear and do it anyway' (dont know who by but can search on Amazon)...

I put mine down to going through menopause - that the doctors didnt recognise depsite the fact I was 45 now Im 52 so seems logical to me that it was a major part to play in this feeling..

Anyway glad your back


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Hi Mandi, nice to see you back. I hope with the sunshine we're having today your mood might be lifted a bit.
Welcome back Mandi it's so lovely to see you here and to here things are looking up and that work are being so supportive. I hope you continue to make a good recovery, you certainly sound very positive which in itself is a huge achievement. Hope these dark times move swiftly into the light hun big hugs xxxx

I'm glad you are finding your way again hun, missed you lots and lots. Take your time, you're a complete star.

Leah xx
Hiya Mandy,
Have thought of you often as you were one of the first people to say hi to me in January when I started CD.
I'm so glad you're back and doing better.
Depression is such a difficult thing to deal with - once you are in that black hole it seems like you will never come out of it but it's a waiting game...........eventually you do and life will look brighter again. I have been dealing with it for several years myself and go through periods when I don't want to face another human being and don't leave the house (thank God for internet shopping!).
Take care and stay strong - All will be well,
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Hi Mandi

Been there know how horrible it is. You have took a step in the right direction in my opinion going back to work as when I was off with this I felt myself getting worse cos I was mellowing in it. I kicked myself up the a*#e and said to myself I MUST do this and I WILL NOT let it beat me.

Anyway, welcome back and look forward to your help and encouragement .

Take Care x


Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Thank you all for your lovely kind words & support,

Minimins certainly has a huge support system & i'm glad to be a part of it. This bout of depression has been a difficult one & digging myself out of that black hole has been a huge effort but at least i'm finally fighting my way back to that bright light. Having suffered with this awful illness for more than 20 years i think this last bout took it toll & knocked me for six but I'M ON MY WAY BACK!

Once again thank you all so much for you wonderful support....xxx

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