I'M BACK!!!!


New Member
I used to post on here but have decided to go back on the Cambridge diet because I'm fed up of not being able to wear any clothes I like!!!!!!!!
I find it so so soooo hard, like everyone, but mainly because I eat when I'm bored!!! Then if I go out and do something, everything revolves around food! I can't go to the cinema, I get tempted by the snacks, I can't go out for dinner - obvious reasons! I can't go out drinking (I know you're not supposed to on this diet because of health risks but hey, I'm at uni, it's what we do!!) because I'll end up getting chips at the end of the night and hangovers make me starving hungry!!!
What can I do that doesn't involve food?! Myself and friends are all at uni so can't afford to do things involving a lot of money... ahhhh!!! :cry:
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Big Dave

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welcome back i am here from a few months absence and hope to shed the rest of my weight.